Hurricane Jeanne [Before, and] Aftermath

North Eleuthera, Bahamas

September 2004

"Jeanne has come and gone, and fortunately for the central Bahamas it did not have the devastating countrywide impact of Frances.  North Eleuthera, from Gregory Town to Harbour Island and Spanish Wells, suffered minimal damages.  The bridge is still there."

-- Kimberly Morgan, Fig Tree News Team [26 September 2004]


* The Way We Were *

Glass Window Bridge - Summer 1978

Vintage photographs

courtesy of the U.S. Navy:

The Bridge

Aerial view, Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window Bridge

Governor's Harbour

The Glass Window Bridge, post-Jeanne

26 September 2004

Today's photographs courtesy of Kimberly Morgan, Gregory Town

"The Glass Window bridge is still here ... but barely.  After Frances, it shifted enough to break the main waterline connection, and now post-Jeanne, the barricades along the Caribbean side are completely gone.  You now look straight down to the water from the bridge."

-- Kimberly Morgan, Fig Tree News Team [28 September 2004]


Glass Window Bridge - Friday p.m.

The Cliffs - Saturday

Gregory Town on Sunday, thankful!

Our North-South connection ... now.