10 Things You Can Do To Create

Lasting Social Change In The Bahamas


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•  Donate to the Briland Modem Fund.

•  Tell your friends about Briland Modem Fund, and encourage them to become a donor and get involved.

•  Have a house party for Briland Modem Fund, to educate your friends and colleagues about the issues that Briland Modem Fund is addressing, and to raise money and increase participation.


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•  Involve your children, or nieces and nephews , to educate them about social change and philanthropy.

•  Educate yourself about the issues and write to our representatives in central and local government.

•  Get training in community activism, and get involved !

•  Call or write your local television or news media to ask them to air/write stories about these issues.


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•  Host a party prior to a local government election, to discuss with your friends about the candidates, their positions on important issues, and your take on the issues.

•  Make sure that any service workers working for you are paid a fair, living wage and have reasonable working conditions. This means looking at what you might be paying your gardener, your housekeeper, and others who work directly or indirectly for you.

•  Hold Local Businesses Accountable! Support businesses that pay their workers fairly, have safe and fair work practices and environments, and are good community citizens. And conversely, DON'T support businesses that are not responsible. (Local businesses need to know that the public will hold them accountable for business practices that are socially or environmentally destructive. If you feel that a company's business practices are socially or environmentally irresponsible, send the company a letter expressing your concern, or organize a boycott of the company.)

Executive director Kimberly King-Burns and development director Mandy Barton work hard to raise awareness of the Briland Modem Fund programs worldwide.


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