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Posted by:Aug 17th 2002, 08:01:20 pm
BrilandMonThis new format saves a tremendous amount of time by listing all followups on one page. A step in the right direction. Nicely done.

Jeff Albury
Posted by:Aug 17th 2002, 12:13:51 pm
KarobiCongratulations on your new and improved format. I am an avid reader of this Board as I think it serves the Island well as a means of displaced Brilanders staying close to what is happening at home. All the best - Abaco friend.
Posted by:Aug 15th 2002, 05:25:49 pm
Briland Modem TeamHey there:
It’s back! The folks at the Briland Modem just wanted to let you know that the new and improved messageboard is now online and operational. [Because of the nasty anonymous posts that we were getting on the Board these past few months, we’ve taken proactive measures to move to a moderated board, to ensure that the conversation remains civil. We’re certain that you’ll love the new format, once you check it out.]

Please note that the very FIRST time that you post a message on the new bulletin board, you will be asked to identify yourself, give yourself a nickname by which you’ll be known on the board, and choose a password. From then on in, you’ll be able to post messages just as easily as before. You’ll also see that within the new format, you’ll be able to view all of the responses to a given post at the same time, without having to click back and forth between messages.

Thanks for your patience as you make your way around the new board. The good news is, you will only have to register ONCE. Every time you come back to the board in the future, the board will recognize your IP address … and let you access the board with no further ado. Your e-mail address will be secure and hidden from view, unless you specifically want to share it with another poster.

Because we wanted to get the Briland Modem message board operating again, some of the key design issues are still being worked out as we speak. The Board will be as good as new in just a few days, and the archives of the old messages will be back in place for your review and comment.

Please buzz with any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing your constructive criticism and or suggestions.

Goombay --

Contact us online at