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Harbour Island Day Nursery Toy Drive
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Posted by:Jan 24th 2008, 04:32:24 am
dilipvhi there ,

i am dilip. can anybody help me to know what are the various job titles in Nursey, eg nursery teacher , nurse , head nurse etc.

any input is most appreciated.

Thank you
[url=]Teacher Jobs[/url]
Posted by:Oct 9th 2004, 04:55:04 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFormer nursery board member and volunteer Lucia Roberts writes:

"Was so impressed with the recent accolades directed to all who have been a part of that wonderful nursey. I spent many rewarding years, learning Bahamian ways, trying to help the staff better their situations, i.e. recognition, training, salary improvement and other such advancements as were possible.

Sadie Belle Cornelius was one dedicated and energetis woman who placed heself on call for any and all nursery matters, and there were many -- emergencies, intermural problems, controversies over care and feeding of those beautiful precious childrem. All this Sadie Belle spent many years along with Ms. Mather to accomplish. Sadie Belle remained active in Nursery matters until she moved back to the U.S. where she died. having left $$ from her estate to the nursery.

Ms. Verdell Higgs carried the load of supervisor and "rescue squad" for many years and is to be credited with keeping peace among the parents and staff.

I was fortunate in being a part of the nursery for many years. I am a retired nurse and am hopeful that my time and enjoyment was useful.

My hope is that things continue to grow in that most needed institution. Harbour Island is a unique bit of paradise and can be used as a good example of what can be done when all involved are as committed as those who are there now and those of us who went before."

Posted by:Oct 6th 2004, 01:02:15 pm
K.J.D.Hi its Kayla aka K.J.D. I wish to inform you that the idea was voiced by the Parents Teachers Association at a recent meeting to rename the nursery, however final approval must be obtained from the Executive Board . We feel that the Harbour Island Day Nursery should be renamed or at least dedicated to Mrs. Cornelius and Mrs. Mather, who were the founders.

I would keep you posted on the decision made by the board.

Thank you so much for your support towards the toy drive and please note toys for boys and girls, books, educational toys such as leap pads etc are needed.

Once again thanks for the depths of our hearts.

Posted by:Oct 6th 2004, 01:03:28 am
Fig Tree News TeamSadie Belle Cornelius and her husband Robert started the day nursery, designed the first Briland hiker's map and its related fundraiser the Briland Browser back in the 1960s, and Maureen Mather was her phenom Bahamian counterpart. [The Corneliuses owned Banyan Tree House by Pink Sands and Bagatelle cottage across the street from Jill Curry's]. Great folks, absolutely indefatigable for decades, and I can only speak for my sisters who were ministered under their care, who have a huge debt of thanks to pay for what Miss Sadie Belle and Miss Maureen accomplished for the working women of the island.

Posted by:Oct 6th 2004, 12:59:34 am
BrilandkidJohn and K.J.D.,If I recall correctly in the late '60's and early seventies Mrs Cornelus and Mrs Mather heart was the Harbour Island Day nursery. It was created to fill a need. There were mother's and father's who had to work and needed to have responsible care for their babies. These wonderful Ladies work for pennies in most cases free. They work relentlessly at the Parish Hall converted to a day care, I recall seeing food that was prepared at home in thier kitchens and transported by these ladies in Mrs Cornelus's little car to the center. There was no nursery prior to this that I recall. It was common place to see these ladies smile when one group moved on and the next came in. Many of these babies are now men and women and have babies of their own at the nursery in it's new location. These ladies gave unselfishly. The last I heard of Mrs Mather is that she was in nursing home in Nassau with few visitors and no show of appreciation. I am sure Her son Mr kingsley Mather and family is still close and gives her love attention. Mrs Sadie Bell Cornelus I am not sure of where or What. I am sure someone on the Island can provide more detailed, accurate and resent informtion as to the where abouts of these dedecated ladies.
By raising the question as to what, where and why, does not take anything from the persons now dedecated in making this a continued success. It shows how they too are giving themselves unselfishly to the cause and are now playing a important role in the future of Our Country, we need more dedicated unselfish individual's like these. They all should be shown appreciation, Love and thanks for their contribution.

I urge all brilanders to contribute a toy or something toward the drive. Our Briland's Guest can also donate if they wish, It would be greatly appreciated. you may contact the creator of this post.Mrs Tiffany Dean THANK YOU!!!
Posted by:Oct 5th 2004, 05:38:31 pm
seaduneI would like to contribute to the toy drive. Please indicate specifically what sort of toys and books you would like...
Posted by:Oct 5th 2004, 04:27:41 pm
JohnThanks for your suggestion. Please, as Prsident of the Day Nursery give me some background and information on Mrs Cornelus and Mrs Mather. Tiffany Dean is the new Director of the Day Nursery haveing completed course work at the University in Nassau. We are trying hard to prepair the children for the future with a fun and educational esperience. We are encouraging volunteers to work with the teachers and children as well as contributions in money, work and equipment.
Posted by:Oct 4th 2004, 10:57:17 pm
BrilandkidIt is gerat to see the nursery post a toy drive. I know I will be making a donation to the Drive , But there is still one question that is still unanswered and ignored. Mrs Cornelus and Mrs Mather who where the founding mothers of the nursery. Have they been forgotten??? KJD your toy drive will take off with the appreciation to the right people. Briland must thank the founding nursery mother's, Mrs Cornelus and Mrs Mather . I will make my donation to your toy drive in these ladies. name. Thank You.
Posted by:Oct 1st 2004, 06:40:09 pm
K.J.D.I am please to announce that the Harbour Island Day Nursery is hosting a toy drive throughout the months of October, November and December. It would be greatly appriecated if persons can made contributions towards assisting the Parents, Teachers Assocation in providing to the nursery ( A non profitable organization) with the much needed toys.

I am proud to announce that this year we hope to raise monies by hosting a number of activities such as an auction and cook out in the month of November.

One behalf of the association I would like to that your for generous donations and look forward to having you visit the Harbour Island Day Nursery and Preschool.

All Donations can be sent to :
Harbour Island Day Nursery
Colebrooke Street
Harbour Island

Attn: Mrs. Tiffany Dean

Once again thank you and may God continue to richly bless you.

Contact us online at