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The Youths of Harbour Island
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Posted by:Nov 23rd 2004, 08:05:09 pm
fabuloustinyThere are people who speak of changes and Others who make changes Happen!

Kayla, you along with a few others are a Change-makers. Despite the many negative remarks that you receive, I encourage and beg of you to keep on working. Unfortunately, most of us decide to let the Negative take over and cloud the positive, that despite what many of us believe, still exist in Briland Youth.

I am proud to not only say I am a Brilander, but also of the work that the Youths in MY HOMETOWN are doing. If we realize that we are polluting and destroying the little hope & belief that remains in most of the young people, I am certain there will be a change in the trend of thoughts and speaking. Negativity INFLUENCES & AFFECTS ALL, start BELIEVING & SPEAKING POSITIVE, you will surprise yourselves and see the difference that it will make.
Posted by:Nov 23rd 2004, 02:49:31 pm
KimberlyHi, Kayla:
I'm really sorry that the petty backbiting around town has finally worn you down, as you've really done some exceptional work over the years with these kids. You're a natural leader, and I'm glad that the Girls Club meetings are still going so well at the all-age school. Thank you for all that you do, and here's to hoping that once you've taken some time off ... that you won't be able to stay away!

Posted by:Nov 23rd 2004, 10:56:00 am
K.J.D.It is truly amazing the community of Harbour Island is blessed with so many young, talented and smart children, yes there may be some who may be troublesome, but that is found all around the world, not just here in Briland. As a young female willing to assist with the development of the cultural aspect of our young children, I find to rather hard to be encouraged because of the negative critism and insults from persons in the community.Image how our youths must feel when they are critized negatively, yes I realize that negative critisim is good to a point, but try at some point to make a fewpositive remarks.You will truly be amazed to know how far and how much that will mean to them.

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