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The youth’s of Briland
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Posted by:Dec 6th 2004, 12:49:51 am
K.J.D.Hi there Briland kid, I agree that the youths of today, will be the leaders of tomorrow, and I also agree that through determination and dedication they can succeed, what really puzzles me, is that the youths of Harbour Island are extremely fortunate, they have far more oppurtunities then I had, however they find it rather difficult to ensure that their dreams are carried out. Our young children, have yet to realize that all good things they have going for them, but soon they would understand that all good things must come to an end.
Posted by:Dec 4th 2004, 02:54:51 pm
BrilandkidTo you the youth’s of Briland the future of our beloved Briland belong to you . YOU are the tomorrow YOU the future leaders. YOU will be the ones that will make the difference for the ones that will follow YOU and only YOU will be the Bridge to the future. YOU will be the ones that we the today have to depend on for the future of Briland. The point I am trying to convey to my young Brilanders is regardless of the critics and negative gossip, through these things builds strength and determination to succeed. My Grandfather Capt. Harold Saunders used to mesmerize with the History of the past Dunmore town Harbour Island commonly known has (Briland) Many of these stories I heard while sailing in his little sail boat to the farm in North Elethera or under the fig tree by the Island’s elders. All these stories became a source of inspiration, strength and character building. All these history events were all interesting. Little did I know that they was giving information for the future that they often spoke of to all that would listen. I will pass on a couple of my many favorite parables that they gave.
“If you are playing baseball and the other team pitches a lemon instead of a baseball, make lemonade.” Turn all those negative’s into positive‘s, let the negative stone’s that are thrown at you be used in be used as a positive in steppingstone in your future success. Also a famous passage from the bible 1Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I am thankful I have ears to hear when I hear talk about me it let me know I am alive and I am making a difference or they look at me like I am crazy, I am thankful I have eyes to see that they are looking crazy to me.
I am proud of all of our youths, Because all of you have a role and stake in the future I only pray your roles are and will continue to be positive one.

They were yesterday, I am today and you are tomorrow.

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