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Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 01:10:50 pm
Posted by:Feb 8th 2005, 05:38:23 pm
Fig Tree News Team"I bid on a Chandelier for the Methodist Church on Ebay - I won the auction for $50. for a 16 light, 3 tier brass chandelier that matches the others that were bought for the church - the correspondence below is what followed after the auction was over.


Dear Lois,,

Thank you very much for purchasing this beautiful chandelier. You won't be disappointed. I will go to UPS after work tomorrow and have it packaged and get a total for you. Thanks again, Gail Marie

Dear gailmarie67,

Thanks Gail - it is for a Church in the Bahamas that is celebrating it's 200th anniversary - it will go right over the altar. I need it asap - can you get a rush price from UPS - there is a private plane going over to Harbour Island that has agreed to take it but they would need it to be at the hangar by Friday morning in Fort Lauderdale - I hope it will be possible. Thanks again, Lois

Dear Lois,

That was very touching. In that case, I would like to donate it to the church. I only ask that you send me a picture & pay for the shipping. I would feel very honored to do that for the 200th anniversary. I will rush it & get back ASAP. I need the address to ship it to. Please email me back. Thanks again, Gail Marie

Dear gailmarie67,

I don't know what to say, I'm dumbstruck. Thank you so much for having such a kind heart. The Church is The Wesley Methodist Church in Harbour Island - if you have a fax number I will fax the letter that was sent out from the new Pastor asking for help in restoring the church. I have bought 6 new smaller chandeliers - 2 tier, 12 lights for the interior but yours will be right over the altar. The new Pastor is a fine young woman - Reverend Marie Neilly. I will look for a picture of the Church on line to send to you and will send you some pictures of the work in progress when I go there at the end of the week. Harbour Island is the jewel of the Bahamas but it was struck by 2 Hurricanes in a row last September and the church took quite a beating. God Bless you and keep you safe in his arms. Yours truly, Lois

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