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Posted by:Oct 17th 2002, 04:20:59 pm
smittyGive me a moment, I'll come up with something worth replying to.Ah yes, How about
1.How would a war with Iraq end up?
2.What do you do with a lump in your armpit?
3.Is anyone out there still drinking Mount Gay?
4. Why is a stove?
5. What's the difference between a duck?
Ok, folks, humor me..Ken
Posted by:Oct 11th 2002, 10:16:59 am
luciaYes, it's quiet but we are not BORED, just glad that all's well in paradise, Lucia
Posted by:Oct 10th 2002, 09:29:32 pm
ColinKim and all,

I'm just hoping to bring a wee more life back to one of the loveliest places in cyberspace. As you say , Kim, many are reading; fewer are posting.

So those of you who read but don't often contribute, how about a post or two?

Posted by:Oct 10th 2002, 07:16:07 pm
KimberlySorry about that ... I meant to write 'character assassination' ...

Posted by:Oct 10th 2002, 07:09:08 pm
KimberlyNo kidding! Should we go back to gossip, innuendo, characterization and anonymous hit-and-run posts? Sheesh. Where are the writers, eh? The traffic to the overall site is still up at 2-3,000 per day, so folks are READING the board ... they're just not leaving any footprints.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, folks --
Posted by:Oct 9th 2002, 03:23:23 pm
RichardIt's a quiet time of year. No political races, no controversies presently. No bad storms, thank God. I expect things will spice back up about mid-November.
Posted by:Oct 9th 2002, 10:59:31 am

While there were excesses on board in its previous format, I am growing concerned about the relatively few postings and innocuous discussions on the board since Kimberly struggled mightily to rebuild it.

What say you?

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