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Harbour Island's pink sand beach named No. 1 by Conde Nast
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Posted by:Mar 29th 2005, 04:20:58 pm
Fig Tree News TeamMarch 29, 2005 09:10
Harbour Island Is A Hit On The Small Screen
The Bahamas was the only international location featured during the travel segment.

The beautiful beaches of Harbour Island were showcased on ABC's "The View" as one of the best sand beaches in the world.

The 2003 Daytime Emmy Award winning show hosted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine editor, Dana Dickey recently in a segment dubbed "The Best Beaches in America". As the travel editor raved about what she considered the best beaches in the US, she paid special tribute to the pink sand beaches of Harbout Island.

The Bahamas was the only international location featured during the travel segment. The Coral Sands Hotel also got a special mention during the show.

As Ms. Dickey raved about Harbour Island, the TV screen was filled with images of pristine beaches and turquoise water.

At the end of the nine-minute segment, the show's moderator presented a member of the audience with a 6-day, 5-night stay at the Coral Sands Hotel. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism donated the airfare for the giveaway.

Source: The Tribune
Posted by:Mar 24th 2005, 10:30:45 am
smittySpeaking of the worlds most beautiful beaches, I feel compelled to share a real beauty in my hometown.There's even some sand.If you're having a slow day,you can sit and count it. Anyway, low tide is when the real charm surfaces.The first thing to catch the eye are black, barnacle covered rocks ranging in size from huge to gigantic surrounded by bottomless mud holes rumored to harbor at least one unsuspecting clamdigger but that hasn't been confirmed.Further along,one will stumble upon 18 shopping carts,9 tires, some with rims ,a bycycle and a fairly new Harley.Judging by the tracks, the rider must have been doing over 100 mph and decided to just ride her in.No sign of him, but his boots are still on the foot rests. Just beyond, in slightly deeper water rests a rare 1943 Buick convertable, top down of course with a Clive Cussler license plate and the words "Jimmy Hoffa is not here" scratched on the trunk lid.Adjacent lays a wing from a Japanese Kamikaze aircraft which we've never been able to resolve.No such problem however about 500 yards to the East.Hopelessly ensnared in 80 feet of barbed wire is a torpedo from a WW 2 German submarine.We figure it became entangled when fired in anger at the beach refreshment stand for not serving sauerkraut with their hot dogs. Makes sense, right?
Finally the water is clearing from the recent oil spill and since the Nuclear power plant closed the sand has stopped humming, glowing and dissolving beach balls.And yes, the children can resume building sand castles without fear of them collapsing and penetrating to the Earth's core.Last but not least, we finally found the "No Littering" sign.Yep, it was wrapped in the volley ball net under a 5 foot high by 15 foot long mountain of empty beer cans and wine bottles.Silly us, we should have looked there long ago.Honestly now, shouldn't this gem be listed in Fodor'e travel guide? Four stars? Worth a special visit? I'm so darn lucky. Some other beaches in my neighborhood are really a mess.
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2005, 07:50:55 am
smittyNaaah..Jones Beach in New York got it beat a mile.
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2005, 12:52:28 am
KimberlyBest Sand Beach in the WORLD -Harbour Island
Posted by:Mar 22nd 2005, 02:00:48 pm
ennaThe website is : and the beach will be featured in the upcoming june issue (on newstand may 15th)
Posted by:Mar 22nd 2005, 01:50:05 pm
Fig Tree News TeamPer several Bahamian sources, Tuesday's morning show of "The View," noted that Harbour Island's lovely beach was rated the top beach in the world by Conde Nest Traveller (website cite pending). On the same show, Coral Sands Hotel was showcased, and trip giveaways to the resort announced for several audience members.

Always great to see the beach in the news ...

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