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Batelco go-slow underway ...
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Posted by:Apr 21st 2005, 11:25:26 pm
Fig Tree News TeamEditorial at this week:

By Sharon Zoe Smith*
There once was a time when people would actually be concerned if there were industrial problems at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd, known as BTC, formerly BaTelCo. Now it hardly raises a murmur. BTC is a fast fading company with its revenues in decline and each day, one company after another is stealing its markets right out from under them. And yet, the employees donít seem to see the handwriting on the wall. First there was a walkout because the negotiations did not go the way the employees wanted. Now a go slow has been announced which means that a public which is already fed up with the bad services that BTC delivers is to get even worse service.
It is really a shame that the Governments, both of them, chose the long and tortuous route, to privatize BTC which ultimately ended in failure. What was so complex about it, we surely didnít know. We still donít know. The Free National Movement under Hubert Ingraham spent 100 million dollars to downsize a company saying that it was preparing for privatization and then nothing happened. Someone should go to jail for what they did. Let us say it as simply as we can so that it is on the record, sell the company now to the people who run it. Finance them if you will. Put 49 per cent of the shares on the market to the public and let the people go for themselves. Those who own it can then choose what kind of company they want. The same should be done for the Broadcasting Corporation and for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation. Bahamasair has also to know what time it is soon as well. But for God sake, enough of this already!
Posted by:Apr 20th 2005, 03:54:31 pm
Fig Tree News TeamPosted by Batelco Information:

Hello the technical problem expeienced earlier by Batelco, has been resolved and the phones are now working including cellular, overseas and batelnet.

Thank you
Posted by:Apr 20th 2005, 02:07:35 am
BrilandkidIf Batelco get any slower it would be fair to say they have stopped or have deceased. Is it possible to convince them to go before they go slow. This coment is meant to be purely constructive and not meant to be taken out of context. thanks.
Posted by:Apr 20th 2005, 12:21:53 am
Fig Tree News TeamA 15% pay increase demand by BATELCO employees backed up by a "work-to- rule" is whats up. In short, NO PHONE SERVICE,NO CELL SERVICE,NO NOTHING.

Lloyd Johnson, Eleuthera

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