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Looking For A Few Good Men and Women
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Posted by:May 31st 2005, 01:41:08 am
island ladyGreat idea ... who do you suggest carries the most ammunition around here?
Posted by:May 31st 2005, 01:01:26 am
BrilandkidIslandlady and MsHill, you both have personal opinions and suggestions whom to be nominated. They are all good people and I am sure they will do well if they were to be chosen. My point is again do not carry a sling shot to a gun fight. Take the biggest gun and plenty of amo. If they are not the big guns central will have a feast. Need I say more. Again they are all good people.
Posted by:May 30th 2005, 12:25:32 pm
island ladyRevise it how, Brilandkid?
Posted by:May 30th 2005, 04:26:30 am
BrilandkidIsland Lady please revise yours list, You are at the bottom of a long list. Yeah that's right.
Posted by:May 25th 2005, 02:14:54 am
BrilandkidAll that is mention are good people. with the support and coninued support from the comunity any of these induviduals will do a great job. Just remember to work with them.... Remember we are in this thing together. "United we stand divided we fall" "Briland sweet hey!!!"
Posted by:May 24th 2005, 10:48:22 am
island ladyHave Sheena Newbold - Elizabeth Bethel - Ben Bethel - Wayde Higgs -
Geraldine Sawyer - Ann Sawyer - Jill Curry Lorey - Duke Davis - Brenda
Barry- or Brent Albury been invited to run for local government council
representation? They're all good people with thoughtful ideas and a proven track record, and might need a nudge or two to even consider
throwing their hat into the ring.

Posted by:May 24th 2005, 08:27:15 am
MaddieThe people of Harbour Island have a wonderful opportunity to get their island back on track. I hope they will step forward, before it is too late.
Posted by:May 23rd 2005, 08:33:42 pm
MSHillsHere's some people who should run for this office: Luanne Saunders, Angela Stewart, Neville Major, Spooner, Herman Higgs, Reggie Major, Wayne Major, Robert Arthur, Glenroy Aranha, Cathy Ross, Charles, Cookie, Jill, Sofie, please please all of you think about protecting your Island!
Posted by:May 23rd 2005, 01:20:08 pm
Fig Tree News TeamIf you're a proud Bahamian, want to help Harbour Island grow sensibly, and have what it takes to be a team player, then you'll want to run for local government council ...

Voter's registration for the upcoming election closes on May 25th 2005.

The nomination deadline for councillors is June 2nd 2005.

Election Day is June 27th 2005.

Hey, if you don't vote, you can't really complain about the issues being decided ... so now's the time to get active within your community!

For more information on submitting your name for candidacy, please e-mail local government administrative assistant Kayla Davis,

Fig Tree News Team

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