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Posted by:Oct 17th 2002, 11:22:05 am
KimberlyThat's a great idea, Keith. I don't know of any similar effort that's been made in the past to list films or books that have mentioned Harbour Island or Eleuthera, so let's have the entire board community respond.

I submit Stanley Babson's 'Where Sands Are Pink', 'Arawaks and Astronauts: 20 Years on Eleuthera by Kjeld Larsen, "Trying to Make It: Adapting to the Bahamas" by John Bezenger and [of course] Dr. Paul Albury's 'History of the Bahamas.' There HAVE to be more that mention Eleuthera and Briland, don't you think?
Posted by:Oct 17th 2002, 01:05:33 am
BluestarsCongratulations George on your book! Chris and I will surely buy a copy and add it to our Eleuthera library. Who knows, maybe someday someone will make it into a movie. Good luck. Kimberly, has anyone ever compiled a list of books about or mentioning Eleuthera/Harbor Island? Or movies made? If not, this might be a fun project.
Keith Simmons

Posted by:Oct 16th 2002, 04:11:20 pm
KimberlySupport Out Island Bahamian writers:

Romance, Kalik, and Conch Salad
By George Major of

In this engaging collection of stories, essays and poems, author George Major takes us to the island of Eleuthera, his home in the Bahamas. His first tale relates the story of an e-mail fantasy come to fruition when Angela, the girl he has been corresponding with via the Internet, joins him for a two-week romantic adventure on Eleuthera and Nassau. As George tours the islands with his California beauty, he rediscovers and comes to a new appreciation of the enchanting secluded beaches of pink sand, the distinctive cuisine and warm-hearted people of his native land, as he truly falls in love with the girl with whom he shares the journey. Other stories describe the anxiety he feels when another girlfriend leaves him to attend Beauty College, and the pleasure he finds in a sensuous encounter with a passing tourist. Poems evoke the refreshing tang of Jabim (the intensely flavorful drink made from key limes), the luxurious delight of jasmine-scented nights, bustling marketplaces and the startling beauty of the natural landscape. As a businessman well acquainted with the complex world beyond island vistas, in thoughtful essays Mr. Major offers his insights on the Bahamas' place in the new world economy. Writing in an energetic, accessible style, his richly textured narratives take the reader on a stimulating trip to the exotic land that he so loves.

Purchase the book at [available in e-book and paper format]

Preview of the book:
Romance, Kalik, and Conch Salad

“Nestled among the archipelago of the Bahamian Islands, Eleuthera stands out as a most beautiful, private destination where one can experience the native lifestyle, cuisine and tropical splendor. If you are looking for a truly exotic destination this may be the ideal place for you.

I gave a gorgeous California girl two beautiful weeks of sun, fun and romance in the Bahamas. We had a really wonderful time touring my island together. Our lovely tour of Eleuthera Island was both memorable and special; an experience we will treasure for a lifetime.

I met Angela through an Internet classified personal dating service. At first it was an obscure relationship, but as soon as she realized that I was genuinely interested in love she gave in. We really got to know and trust each other intimately through our many phone calls and emails, and I became her best friend and love. We chatted by telephone and online for several months using programs like ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger and Microsoft Outlook. After becoming attached to Angela and feeling the need to have her as a part of my life, I proposed a romantic two-week vacation for her to my home, Eleuthera Island, in the Bahamas.

There are a few mystiques, like pink sand, a popular mythical notion that really does exist in several locations on Eleuthera Island. Bits and pieces of broken pink seashells mix with the white, shining powder of the sand. The end product is the most memorable sight, and one of many reasons that millions of tourists around the world come to our islands.

After a splendid week of touring and beaching we moved on to Nassau where we had our best personal time. Nassau is quite nice but not as free and natural as the grand Eleuthera landscape, although in Nassau there are more tourist sights, tours and organized entertainment. I took my jeep along on the trip and was able to show my love the whole island including some more unique and local places that tourists don’t often get a chance to see.

Angela met members of my family both in Eleuthera and Nassau; she had a chance to see places like the fantastic tourist sites of Peanuts Taylor’s Drum Beat Club, the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island and Crystal Cay Marine Park, The Cable Beach Casino, the traditional Straw Market of West Bay Street and much more.

We had lots of romance and fun along the way. I can tell you a bit more if you come along . . . “

About George Major, author of:
Romance, Kalik, and Conch Salad

Mr. George Major is a product of the Tarpum Bay Public School Educational System, a graduate of Windermere High School. He holds an associate degree from Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York, and has attended college at Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied electrical engineering technology. Today Mr. Major is involved in an electronics company in Tarpum Bay, Majors Electronics, and is the owner of several rental real estate properties in the Bahamas. He is, as well, a freelance writer for various online magazines and Bahamian newspapers, and is involved in news reporting for his personal websites and several Bahamian websites and continues to write Eleutheran Bahamian short stories, poetry, prose, and articles daily among his other civic contributions and duties.

Contact us online at