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Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 09:21:51 pm
BrilandkidThanks for standing up I SALUTE YOU!. To read your post makes me proud to be a Bahamian we need Brothers like you, Maybe then we as a sovereign Nation, we will be recognized in the world as a nation of men and women who will stand shoulder to shoulder and say to the world we are the people of the Bahamas a nation of good people of character but not wimps, not a banana republic either or a country of submissive girly men. Our kindness is not weakness.They will no longer call us rover and we bend over. Has A Bahamian man I have one thing to say, that I would rather die on my feet than live on my belly when it comes to this Bahamas. (Ií am proud to be a Bahamian.) Bahamas I Love you!!!
Thanks again.
The Brilandkid (Briland is always sweet)
Posted by:Jun 14th 2005, 02:18:25 pm
Guana Cay localWe need to get this out to all Bahamians. This is what we have been fighting for over a year!!!
Fraud on a massive scale -- Passerine

Do you feel like you get swing by the Government on this Guana Cay Passerine Development bullshit? Well, we think that the government get swing, dey too stupid to notice, and they pass on the swing to you.

We just got our hands on a Confidential copy of the Economic Impact Assessment (thank oh great patriot who sent this to us) on the Passerine Development. It was prepared by Global Insight in Philadelphia. The guy who prepared it was Adam Sacks and he is the managing director of Travel and Tourism for Global Insight. He can be reached at (610) 490-2784 or by email in Philly

When we read this, we were shocked and disgusted. It is an insulting piece of work. It assumes that the Bahamian government is a bunch of children, who can be taken advantages of, with a few fancy charts. You know, quite frankly we are getting real sick and tired of companies coming to the Bahamas, and either paying off a local, or conspiring with a few hidden Bahamians, or simply bamboozling the government and getting rich off of us, while leaving precious little in return.

This insulting Economic Impact Assessment is in that category. The numbers are all a piece of fiction, except for the part about how the average Bahamian is getting ripped off by the Discovery Land Company, the Bahamas government and the lies by Global Insight.

We are going to take our time to do a proper analysis, and we will have blog entries on an ongoing basis on the analysis of how much the Passerine Development is really ripping off Bahamians. Either the government is too stupid to read and analyse for themselves, or they don't care, or they are economically benefitting.

We are just going to jump the gun on the first topic, because it is so infuriating. The Discovery Land Company of Shysters and Carpetbaggers are asking the government in supposedly 3.9 million dollars in concessions. That figure includes $90,000 for 19 work permits.

The 3.9 million is an egregious lie. First of all they are asking for an 19.3 acre concession that they say is worth a total of $90,000. However, they valuate the land at half a million an acre, so that in fact, it is a $9.6 million dollar concession. Plus they want free lease of 48 acres.

But it even gets better. There are 26 lots that they want the government to grant them at $1,000 per acre. But then they say that they are turning around and selling them for half a million dollars and acre, and they will generously give back 5%. Bahamians, they are ripping off your land and the government is letting them.

So we are putting $13 million dollars into the pockets of the Discovery Land people, and they are paying us $26,000 for the privilege, but they will also give back some $600,000. So they get about $12.4 million for free. That would build 15 Bahamian schools. In fact the concessions by the government is not 3.9 million, nor $9 million but something in the order of $25 million. $25 million granted by the government to take away Crown Land from Bahamians, and screw the environment.

The Passerine development is a rip-off of gigantic proportions. We are putting our heads down and crunch the numbers, but in the coming blog entries, we will prove that the economic benefit is a bunch of bullshit, lies and downright number fabrications.

As Bahamians, this is insulting and infuriating. We need to stop the Passerine Development now. We have good grounds. The Economic figures to back up the project are fraudulent. Stay tuned.

PS. We will deconstruct this document from PDF back into text, and we will be in a position to supply the entire text of this document. We haven't made the decision yet, and we will check back with our source. But the contents are truly shocking and totally depressing as to the transparency of the figure fudging, and how much we as Bahamians have to bend over.

Contact us online at