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Passages: Albert Sands
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Posted by:Jun 21st 2005, 12:30:03 pm
Fig Tree News Team21st June
Prominent Eleuthera Businessman Dies
Royanne Forbes, Bahama Journal

Albert Sands, the prominent Eleuthera businessman who was an investor in the $300 million Cotton Bay redevelopment, died from pancreatic cancer at Doctors Hospital last Friday.

He was 63.

Mr. Sands was president of Eleuthera Properties Ltd. and Rock Sound Properties Ltd., a retailing, real estate and insurance company.

Franklyn Wilson, Mr. Sandsí business partner and friend, said on Monday that due to his death, the groundbreaking ceremony for The Cotton Bay project, which was scheduled for Friday, has been postponed.

Mr. Wilson said travel to Eleuthera will be more meaningful.

"Well, as fate would have it, instead of going to South Eleuthera for the groundbreaking we will be going for his funeral on Sunday," Mr. Wilson said.

"Mr. Sandsí passing will no doubt slow things because those of us who have been involved in this journey and have been close to him have lost a very close friend and a strong business partner. So we have to take some time to grieve and to mourn. But once we get past that by Godís grace we believe that his passing will turn out to be a source of further inspiration for all of us."

Mr. Sands was born on September 24, 1941 in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. He never attended college, but according to his daughter, Shandra, he had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that fueled his zest for life and love for others.

Mr. Wilson said that Mr. Sands was instrumental in the economic revival of South Eleuthera.

"Mr. Sands played a great role in the creation of a company called the Eleuthera [Properties] Ltd. That company has been working literally for 20 years and as an individual in his professional career he came close to the true powerhouses that engineered the growth and development of South Eleuthera previously," Mr. Wilson said.

Henery Allen, a resident of Rock Sound, described Mr. Sands as one of those Bahamians who was deeply rooted to the community.

"We became good friends at a very young age because we were working for the same company and he was somebody that you could depend on, trust and someone that was always willing to share his love with you," Mr. Allen said.

"In my books he was one of the most outstanding businessmen that South Eleuthera ever produced. There was a lot, but he was one of them and I am sure that he will be missed in the community because he was just an outstanding citizen, an outstanding man who was concerned about people.

"He wanted to see people progress. He wanted to see people build themselves. He wanted to see churches and different organizations build themselvesÖand he wanted to make sure that the great development of Cotton Bay takes place in South Eleuthera."

Only recently, Mr. Sands outfitted the Preston Albury High School with 14 computers and also paid for the contractual work of the computer lab, according to Pastor Mark Carey, who said that for many people in the community, there will be a sense of loss.

He described Mr. Sands as a pillar within the Rock Sound community.

"Mr. Sands was particularly passionate about blacks realizing their full potential and wanted to see the poor and those lacking in confidence attain goals that they may have never felt they could," Pastor Carey said.

Anglican priest, Father Andrew Toppin, added that Mr. Sands was very generous and wanted to see the best for the people of South Eleuthera, no matter what it took.

"He walked with kings and queens, but never lost the common touch," Father Toppin said.

"He will be missed especially by the people in South Eleuthera, Eleuthera in general and I guess the Bahamas on the whole."

Mr. Sandsí daughter, Shandra, the eldest of his three children, described her father as passionate, deeply committed, loving, loyal and hard working.

"I really canít speak about how other people will interpret my fatherís life, but I do know that my father became ill with cancer in February of this year and the outpouring of concern and love and the commitment of the people of South Eleuthera and the entire island and The Bahamas was overwhelming," Ms Sands said.

"My father did not realize that so many people cared about him and were concerned about his health and well being and he was indeed greatly humbled by all of it. But he was a very simple man who came from humble beginnings and he achieved in his words some semblance of success and he never forgot from whence he came."
Posted by:Jun 19th 2005, 06:50:31 pm
Eleuthera businessman Albert Sands has died, He was by far South Eleutheraís biggest businessman, and was an investor in the Cotton Bay development of Franklyn Wilson, and looked forward to getting that development going again. He discovered he had cancer late last year and died yesterday. As a mark of respect, Cotton Bay has postponed plans for its groundbreaking until next month, 15th July.

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