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Backs against the wall Bahamas
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Posted by:Jun 24th 2005, 02:10:03 pm
BrilandkidHo No not smitty again Yes I have thought about that and guess what I will make you secatary of state and you can have rice to eat. You do like rice don't you. maybe then you will have you mouth full. Yoy are ok Guy, remain alert. next drink is on me.
Briland sweet mon!!!
Posted by:Jun 24th 2005, 07:37:14 am
smittyHey Mon
Would you consider relocating to the United States and running for president? I've never heard anyone as devoted to a cause as you!Your posts come from the heart, a great guy. Ken
Posted by:Jun 23rd 2005, 09:01:29 am
BrilandkidWell Bahamas this revolution of development that is going on as long been predicted and the future like or leave it. Our butts are in then sling. Has you know you cannot really fight current flow, however it can be controlled to our advantage. My old Grandfather Capt. Harold Saunders used to say if they play ball with a lemon then make lemonade and Always be like cream rise to the top. I thank him so much for his teachingís to me so much insight so much wisdom. Never forgotten.
Back during ending of an era of British rule, came a government chosen by the people. No longer to have English school teachers, Doctors, police and local central government. This change was call independence they say. Some precieve this as a new beginning and some a terrible end. However perceived they were all right. The British said you are now independent. You are now a commonwealth a new modern word for colonies. Same BS meaning just play on words. Imperialist dragons will never release a prey just change the dungeon for a new look. What the meaning of independence HUH????? What is freedom????? What is total self Government. Ask the imperialist Nations of the world and they will feed you a line of bullcrap.
This post is not about the imperialist snow jobs but our Beloved Bahamas our home. During the government of the Hon. Prime Minister Sir lyndon Pindling. A man of courage and conviction a truly chosen man. His party the PLP. He truly love This country if you recall the rouge investors feared him said they would not invest in the Bahamas long has he was alive. Now with the absence of Prime Minister Pindling rouge investors or any Joe Blow with a few Million $$$ see the Bahamas as fair game. Is this not true Bahamas??? They are all standing in line and they didnít even take numbers, plus they are calling us rover and demanding that we dropíem and bend all the way over they stroke us and do not even kiss us. One mistake was made during Sir Pindling Government not enough serious effort was put into developing the fishing manufacturing industry there were no diversification despite numerous letters from concern citizens, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and others that I know of personally. Some letters were directly sent then by the director of the Chamber Ms Ruby Sweeting to the Prime Ministers Pindlingís Office but to no avail. From those departments Fish farming introduced never followed up on to the scale to make a difference. Had diversification been implemented tourist dependence would have not been so vital. It is called putting all your eggs in one basket. Threats of we will stop visiting then what will you do would mean squat and not a huge impact. Yes our leader fumbled and the ones who are suppose to improve on his foundation and correcting his mistakes is looking out for self interest putting the Bahamas and itís people in danger of being evicted. Lining their pockets This must stop. If one think that the Bahamas cannot be more that a tourist destination need to look at a simply operation called (Sandy Cay) a 24hr operation shipping sand yes sand it is a commodity too. If developers want to develop then let them develop environmentally sound developments that will benefit the Bahamas and themselves over the years to come. We are capable of many other industries in this country. The folks at the dept. of the ministry of agricultural and fisheries as done the best they could with what they have to work with and little help from mainstream Government. Tourist one day will stop God fore bide time of war or stock market collapse. We will eat those fancy condos, hotels the furniture cause some of us do not know how to fish or swim. Oh there wonít be any fish, our fishing grounds are now being rape by everyone including their Grandmother.
Our leaders today need to stop being selfish and be committed to the job they were elected to do protecting the Bahamas. Stop under the I am not talking to any one party but all those selfish sorry leaders all of them guilty of turning their backs on us. Leaders Must Lead. Build sensibly on the solid foundation you were presented with. I dare any of you to try and bring some perfection to an imperfect system. Get your head out your butts, Some of you do not have the BÖs to Stand up for this Bahamas. For those of you that wonít stand up my little sister have some little cute dresses for you prettier than the ones you are now wearing. They know just who I am talking to!!!!! A sorry bunch.
Change will come to the Bahamas as to the rest of the world nothing remains the same, As leaders of our future we must do our part as the generation of today for the generation of tomorrow.

Brilandkid has claim no, none party affiliation Ií am just a Bahamian who loveís the Bahamas dearly and will never, never give it up.

They say Briland still sweet hey! Kalick kalick ting ting

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