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Election In Briland
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Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 02:59:19 pm
M.A.C QueensI agree with moving forward, however, we need not downplay people's lack of professionlism, ESPECIALLY people that are representing US. We are moving forward with some persons that lack respect and integrity.

YES, let's move forward, but please don't disregard THE FACTS. We won't forget something that continues to happen, with past committees and the backbiting that has already begun.

Persons from the past committee, in there campaigning last week, were out of line with their comments. Why is this being ignored? These are issues that are not being addressed and continues to take place, and we lay down and allow it to happen.

We want to move forward, but how could we, when the same OLD tactics are being used and half the team is more concerned with discrediting the other half, rather than dealing with the issues that could bring about decay on OUR Island.

We expect future leaders of our island to imitate success and bring about new successes. Who are they going to imitate? Who will they look up to? NOt those of us who are making a CHOICE to be disrespectful and UNPROFESSIONAL.
Posted by:Jun 29th 2005, 02:37:30 pm
Fig Tree News TeamKayla Davis, local council administrative assistant, is having difficulty posting to the board this morning:

"It amazes me when reading information on this message board, as a young female I find that we talk about the bad in people and not being interested in what good they may be able to do. I am happy that the candidates elected to serve on the Local Government Board are all persons who have the betterment of Harbour Island at heart. It is true that you will have some disagreements, but that happens throughout the world,

I would like for you to encourage the elected member for it was you and I that had enough confidence in them to have voted them in. During elections we all tend to get carried away, and that is apart of the game, that obstacle is over, so let's get the ball rolling in getting Harbour Island to the precious gem that it is known to be."

Kayla J. Davis
Harbour Island District Council
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 05:17:13 pm
KimberlyLate breaking news ... Nora Albury of Nordell Fashions has been selected as the seventh member of the Harbour Island District Council.

Congratulations go out to Mark Saunders as well, for his long years of representation.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 04:15:15 pm
ColinIs that Mackey related to the former owners of that wonderful airline of yesterday?? I LOVED those great old DC-3s.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 01:31:45 pm
BlueleganceWell! I would Personally like to congradulate all of the candidates who were voted in the Local Government Council elections in Harbour island last evening.Additionally, as a Native of Briland i can truly say that those elected will do a great job to enhance the betterment of the island.. As a result, i would like to send a word of advice to those candidates elected, "Please dont JUST be a council man or woman talking and doing absolutely nothing,Brilanders need to see some action."The People have voted for you so give them what they have voted for." My Mother, Linda Lewis is one of the Electees, and i can guarantee you that she is a woman of her word and will not hesitate to speak her mind and get the job done.. Again,Congrats Mom! you will make us all Proud!
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 12:59:53 pm
M.A.C QueensWell, if we're being honest on the board, there is one that has been elected that used his campaign to argue why one or two people should not be elected. That person, and the few others that were in cahoots with him, I did not vote for. However, that candidate did get in, along with the persons that he spoke against.

In my opinion, that candidate should not have been elected by the people, due to the fact that he has clearly stated that he does not want to work with those candidates. How could he adequately work on a TEAM if he can't put aside his personal issues for the sake of the island?

In addition, We are quite disappointed in the way that some voting was conducted yesterday. There was a list passed out before the polls were opened, consisting of 5 names that we should vote for. Correct me if I'm wrong, if those were the candidates elected, there is going to be some discrmination towards others elected, and partiality to ideas and insights. I pray that it's not a repeat, I recall, the disrespect Mrs. Eloise Knowles encountered when she was Chief. And this statement I could backup, because I, along with many others, have witnessed members of her team, who have been re-elected, attempt to discredit her because of whatever personal issues they had, and not displaying professionalism.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 11:21:27 am
KimberlyWhat a great lineup: Linda Lewis, Glenroy Aranha, Harvey Roberts, Darrell Johnson, Dashiel Roberts and Rickey Mackey have been elected local councillors for the Harbour Island District Council, and a runoff is planned between Nora Albury and Mark Saunders. Once the council has been set, they will elect their chief councillor internally.

Congratulations to all winners!
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 11:17:47 am
M.A.C QueensWhi was elected as the Chief?
Posted by:Jun 28th 2005, 09:03:04 am
pastajohnWho do you think should have been the Cheif Councilor, are you happy with who is in the council office?

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