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No free nation without consultation
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Posted by:Jul 4th 2005, 12:31:48 pm
guana localThis was postd on the Save Guana Cay Reef message board.

No Free Nation Without Consultation"
A July 4th message to Guana cay; the Miami Herald published an article recently about the conflict between Guana Cay and the developers Discovery land company. Like many others I was disappointed by the writer's lack of focus on the important issues while focusing on the all too easy sensational slant. While I felt that this was unnecessary and a waste of precious print,it has been bothering me that the whole story may not have been told. I believe that Guana Cay has a unique history among the outer cays. Each outer cay has it's own history and no two are alike. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have heard (and read) that Guana was one of the only outer cays that had a permanent black settlement and that they are very proud of this history. I also remember reading that Guana had a reputation for tolerance and as a result a very peaceful community. Also Guana's women were considered to be very attractive and people traveled many miles by sailboat just to come to the island . This sounds like diversity to me. Also one more thing on this note: As Americans we also participated in inter-marriage in our colonies..except..and here's the good part : we inter-married because we felt that it preserved aristocratic lines. The dinner bell for Thanksgiving dinner may have called our uncle, father, and cousin...but only one person answered. So my advice to the reporter is to investigate your own ancestors bedchamber first, you may be suprised how few branches your family tree has. The bahama blog recently (and humorously) offered the "finger" to the government and developers,adding the guana extra finger, I would like to add to that(also humorously) the American extra finger. The patriot finger if you must insist.As Americans who see first hand the result of unchecked development we recognize what is set to happen to Guana Cay. And this leads me to my message for the fourth.
Our American revolution was fought on basically three principals. First, the right to own property. Your own property. To have control over what you own. Sound familiar? The Crown Land you own has been given away...for free. Secondly,the right to self-governance. If you live there, and your family lives there, and you make you living there; you should be able to see best what is good for your community. Unfortunately the government in your case has decided that you can only have one representative. Even though you have a growing community and they have approved the plans to triple your population you can't have more than one voice at council. Third, no taxation without representation. This was our revolutionary stand.Our slogan. Are you being taxed? Absolutely. Your environment will forever be changed by the whims of pocket lining developers. The price/tax you will be pay will be hefty to say the least. Your fishery, dive industry, tourist industry, etc. will be taxed to the point of irreversable damage.You and your family will be directly affected by the Baker's Bay scam. How will you ever forget " No public consultation"? Maybe your slogan should be "No Free Nation Without Consultation" The government there has said loud and clear that the opinion of the community is not important.
On the eve of our independence celebration I think I would most like to share that the seeds of our American Revolution we sown in our unhappiness with these same issues.As a result we were independently and then collectively moved to effect change. In Guana you have a revolution. A very similiar belief to that on which our nation was founded.This revolution of yours is also history making. This issue of discontent with the over-development of Baker's Bay has stirred in you the same seeds of revolution and it now has a life of it's own. The developers never saw this coming.It is a mistake for those in a position of power to underestimate the will power of the discontented.The feelings of those who oppose this development come from the inside. They are about knowing right from wrong. They are about not accepting EIA's that are bought and paid for by the developers at face value. They are about exposing the use of institutional names without their knowledge. They are about spilled fuel tanks that are ignored while the developers purchase ad space proclaiming their environmental standards.Ad space paid for by the profits made from other resorts with records of environmental misdeeds.Ad space that paints a sickeningly sweet and unrealistic portrait of a company that "cares" enough about the reef to register a bogus site called save guana cay on the web in order to short circuit the real work of save guana cay reef. They are about the developers claiming that no harm will come to the island ( how many tons of chemicals will be applied ?)while refusing to consult prior to commencement.Why won't the developer big wigs answer these questions? Why are they so underhanded? Think they have something to hide???These feelings are about NOT closing your eyes to shady practices. I am not casually comparing what is happening there on Guana to our American Revolution. This is a Bahamian Revolution.
Hopefully this will lead to a victory for your rights and a day for you to celebrate each year. T

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