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Posted by:Jul 11th 2005, 11:35:48 pm
NorinJust to clarify, I was the one who met Kate at the restaurant. Yes, our family is from SLC. We have been going to HI since 1963. We do not own Blue Shutters, but the house directly south.
Posted by:Jul 9th 2005, 06:02:59 pm
MaddieI forgot to tell you that Kate and Tad's chocolate lab is named "Briland".
Posted by:Jul 9th 2005, 06:00:29 pm
MaddieWere you just visiting SLC or do you live there as well? Sorry about the misunderstanding over the name of your house...
Posted by:Jul 9th 2005, 11:09:07 am
KifMax and Sindhu say 'arf' to Kate, too! ... from Malia's Well, not Blue Shutters. Look forward to meeting you all here or 'there'!
Posted by:Jul 9th 2005, 08:27:35 am
MaddieMy son and his wife live in Salt Lake City. Kate is a manager at a restaurant up in the mountains surrounding the Salt Lake Valley. The other night she over-heard 2 couples talking about their favorite island in the Bahamas and one of the ladies at the table said that they don't tell too many people about it, so as to protect it's anonymity.
Kate asked them if they were talking about Harbour Island and the people were quite surprised to find some one in SLC who knew of Harbour Island. Kate went on to explain that she and my son, Tad, were married on the beach in April of 2004 and that Tad's family had been coming there since 1956. She told Kate that they own Blue Shutters, which we walk past everyday and have had friends who have enjoyed renting it in the past.
Truly a Small World!

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