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Bahamian Gospel Reggae Artist No. 5 on Euro Music Charts
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Posted by:Aug 8th 2005, 06:38:45 pm
Fig Tree News Team
'We Need Peace' ranks No. five in Europe

By VANESSA C ROLLE, Nassau Guardian Staff Reporter

"From every temptation and every trial, Christ will bring them forth with
firmer faith and a richer experience." Ellen G White

The dream of local gospel reggae artist, Landlord, to become a recognised
talent worldwide seems to have finally tasted reality.

The evidence lies on the European charts where his hit song 'We Need Peace'
currently ranks at No. five.

The work, collaborated with international recording artists Luciano and
Solo, delivers a divine message of peace without barriers or
discrimination. It delves into the psyche of those who believe they are in
the class of elitists because they belong to a particular sect or
denomination, race or creed. It talks about a permeation of the spirit of
peace as opposed to one of war.

According to Landlord, "the CD is selling like hot bread! In less than two
weeks of it being released in Europe, we had sold over 500 copies of the
single. I was excited about this because I realised that all my dreams, and
what I wanted to happen, I saw it starting to come true. I always wanted to
get on that level and ... BANG! One day just checking the website ... BAM!
There it was. I really feel good and excited and I know that there is much
more that I am going to do."

It is a song about love and it is a song about peace - both of which are
characteristics without borders.

His song beat out recordings by established reggae entertainers worldwide,
such as Capleton, Morgan Heritage, Bounty Killer, Beres Hammond, John
Legend and Buju Banton.

Ironically, Landlord was on the charts for six weeks before he even knew
about it. The song first ranked at No. 18, and then moved to No. 15, nine,
seven and now five.

"It makes me feel really bad seeing violence and hatred. It is so good to
be in the environment of love. It is good to see a white man with a black
man, showing true love. It is good to see a Muslim and a Christian shaking
hands having lunch together. It is good to see a Rasta and a Hindu ...they
are the type of things that move me, because Jesus said that He is seeking
true worshippers that are going to worship Him in spirit and in truth and
not in religion. Despite your religious background, or whatever your belief
is, you have to love people in spite of - because that is what is going to
reach them. It not the religion, but the love," said Landlord.

Orlando 'Landlord' Francis, 31, claims to be the 'Lord of the Land,' not
because of some duplex or triplex ownership. Growing up, people just heard
those big feet 'a comin.' His unique reggae style of music propelled him
onto the world stage, in particular under the covering of his pastor,
world-renowned evangelist Dr Myles Munroe. Because of his affiliation with
Dr Munroe he gained experience as an entertainer. For example while working
with him he performed before some 200,000 people. He ministered in places,
such as Africa, England, Mexico, Jacksonville, Orlando, Barbados, and Bermuda.

It seems strange to him because during his childhood, because of his
tattered clothes and busted shoes, he was never the one that other children
gravitated to. And, having grown up 'thug style' with no place to live but
the streets, Landlord found love in the camaraderie of fellow gang-bangers
before he found the love of God.

However, he took off that old man, slipped out of that old life and
surrendered his life to Jesus.

He recently recorded two CDs with all the top Reggae artists in Jamaica,
including Morgan Heritage, Tanya Stevens and Gentlemen. However, producers
gave him the opportunity to write his own song for the recording.

"I did it my way - gospel. That's what I do. There is no compromising and I
went away and I recorded it and they love it. It will be on two different
compilations and getting pushed from different people from all over the
world. That is an avenue where I can get my people into the dance to reach
people. Because of people we are trying to reach are not listening to the
gospel station, so we have to go to them. They are going to the dance, so
we've got to go into the dance to reach them," he said.

He added that the song 'We Need Peace' is very timely, especially in light
of the recent terrorist attacks in Britain several weeks ago.

He said although man has many plans, only what God has designed for him
will occur.

"I feel that God was in the making of everything because everything just
started to line up and link up," he said. "Even with everything that is
happening, it is still all about Him and it's all because of Him."

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