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Wedding (Eleuthera or Harbour Island)
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Posted by:Sep 27th 2005, 04:05:18 pm
smittyGreat to hear your mom is dong well.But then again I believe you told me she's a Martini drinker.A Grandmother! I'll have to start talking to you with a little more respect!Congratulations!!We have 4 and what they say is true."If I knew grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first!" You'll never be the same.
Keep those nice fish coming. Tight lines Ken
Posted by:Sep 27th 2005, 08:13:33 am
MaddieHi Smitty!
Mom is doing very well, thanks. Got some nice small mouth out of the menominee River in Wiscisnin this summer. My daughter in law caught a 5 1/2 # large mouth on a jitterbug at our place in the Upper Penninsula in August! I am going to be a grandmother in January, so Stanley will have a christening to do in March. Have fun in Winding Bay.
Posted by:Sep 26th 2005, 08:21:54 am
smittyHey Maddie, how you doing, girl.Cathing any thing worth talking about?Doing some pretty good Trout fishing here in NY.(Yes, there's still some un-polluted water) Heading for Winding Bay in Eleuthera in a few weeks to chase Dem Bones.Hope your Mom is doing well. Ken
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2005, 11:15:48 pm
MaddieMy son was married on Briland a year ago and the whole island turned out for it which was great but if you want quiet, go to Eleuthera.
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2005, 02:33:02 pm
ColinI'll be brave and walk where Smitty fears to tread.
IF you want to party and be social and have a great time celebrating in public I'd go to Briland. If you want a relaxed and quiet ceremony with a few friends and to get married on the beach or a bluff at sunrise then I'd go with Eleuthera. Both are gorgeous and both have wonderful places to stay. I'd be a Briland boy if I were getting hitched again, but my wife would probably object if I were...
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2005, 10:45:54 am
smittyThis isn't an easy question to answer.What makes one person happy can easily make another un-happy.For that reason I never recommend restaurants, books, movies etc. so doing so for a wedding sight is a little touchy.I will however tell you as much as I can about Harbour Island from over 20 years of vacationing there if you like.Please feel free to contact me by
Posted by:Sep 21st 2005, 03:48:48 pm
divinely_guidedI am planning to get married in May but not sure if Eleuthera or Harbour Island is a better choice. It will be a small event (our parents and us). Would you suggest Harbour Island (Briland) or the larger island Eleuthera

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