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Posted by:Oct 23rd 2005, 01:26:05 am
BrilandkidHey Mark It sounds like you are not from Eleuthera. If you are or not This is for your information, Harbour Island is very much a part of Eleuthera. Think of it as a ma ma with children Briland, Spanish Wells, Current Island and rest of them in that close proximity depend on Eleuthera, they are a intimate part of her they all make up the Eleuthera Chain and History also denotes it.
Yes Mark you are correct Cross to the Mainland referred to by true bonafide Brilanders, is still a beautiful site with the world’s most gorgeous pink deserted unspoiled breath taking beaches, a Utopia I might add. Ha! but there are those that who would love to mess it up with those ugly massive marina’s and over price Condo’s and foreign owned guest houses, Gated communities and shark slaughtering industies. This is not truly Bahamian Let’s keep it simple let’s not tinker with a good thing and see quality not quantity, Let’s keep it Bahamian. More Bahamian Own Guest Houses please, There must be no more of those massive Marina’s, No overpriced Condo’s, no gated Communities no more mangrove dredging for development and shark slaughtering for the finns to make soup. We have what the world needs and in search of the Utopia. Let’s keep it simple, keep it Beautiful, keep it original and keep it Bahamian our Bahamas.

Briland sweetness comes straight from the Mainland, Hooo! Ma! Ma! Keep it coming! “Looone sweetness!”

Briland sweet Hey!
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2005, 10:42:36 pm
MarkWell, looks like Eleuthera is becoming the place to be seen.A few well known faces have been coming to this side of the bridge lately. The restaurants are getting better all the time, the rental homes are plentiful and the beaches are still deserted. So, if you think Harbor Island is getting too built up come to Eleuthera.

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