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Updating The Annual Regatta: 21 October 2002 - Nassau Guardian
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Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 07:03:39 pm
KimberlyMy two girlfriends -- one with Cisco on the East Coast, another with Apple on the West Coast -- have for years gotten together for a girls' weekend, and one day saw the details of the Big Sur event. The ability to hike from Monterey to Big Sur along a traffic-free Highway 1 sounded too intriguing to miss, never mind the fact that we'd hardly trained for it other than regular workouts. That first year, we got hooked on the foggy sunrise start overlooking the Pacific ... and voila, a tradition was born. We register in September, as soon as will let us, as the event does sell out pretty quickly these days.

Buzz me at I'd love to see you when we get to your part of the country!
Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 06:55:53 pm
BluestarsKimberly, I forgot to say congratulations on completing those three 21 mile Big Sur walks. With so many ups and downs and twists and turns along Highway 1, it is really a great personal accomplishment. Out of curiosity, how did you first get interested in doing this?
Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 03:56:32 pm
BluestarsKimberly - Indeed, it's a small world! Feel welcome to contact my wife and I the next time you and your girl friends or you and your husband are on the Monterey Peninsula and maybe we could all meet somewhere for diner. Also, the next time we are at our home at Cotton Bay, I'll let you know and if you are at Harbour Island you're welcome to come on down and say hello. I think you have my email address already via my signing up for this message board, but if not let me know if you want it. Kimberly, though we spend most of our time on the Monterey Peninsula, we try to get out of the fog as often as possible, getting to Eleuthera whenever possible, and likewise to Hawaii. By for now, Keith Simmons.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 03:26:03 pm
KimberlyGreat ideas! Talk about a small world, though ... I've done the Big Sur Marathon's 21-mile power walk the last three years with several girlfriends. We make a point of getting together every May for the marathon ... much as runners/walkers from around the world could make the Eleuthera Run a regular stop on their itinerary as well.

Personally, I've always dreamed of cruising down Queen's Highway on horseback, though ... anyone thinking setting up a stable or two?

Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 02:46:34 pm
BluestarsI have long thought Eleuthera would be wonderful place to hold 5 or 10 K foot races a marathon. The demographics of runners in the States these days is such that a lot of people would surely be attacted, come to Eleuthera and Harbour Island, run and go back to the States - having spent a lot of money locally in the Bahamas. Runners would love running down Queens Highway through Governor's Harbour and along side roads offering views of the ocean. I know it could be done. Twenty years ago I was a co-founder of the Big Sur International Marathon. We started with nothing and now the Marathon contributes substantially to the community. Today the Big Sur Marathon is the number one rated marathon in the United States, and the well established, famous marathons are rated against the Big Sur. See Again, the beauty of an event like this is that people come, spend money, and leave happy. So, I hope as was implied that indeed road races are being planned. They would be good for the Eleuthera/Harbor Island economy.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 02:08:28 pm
KimberlySharing some Wisdom:
Minister has new plan for regattas

Boxing, Cycling, Distance running to become common at regattas

NG Sports Reporter

Dunmore Town, HARBOUR ISLAND - With the success from the Boxing matches at the 14th Annual North Eleuthera Regatta evident, Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, the Hon. Neville Wisdom gave his assurance that similar events at regattas throughout The Bahamas will continue next year.

Wisdom said that it was an idea of his ministry for quite some time to encompass other sporting disciplines into the regatta weekend and he added that next year that proposal will be fully enhanced.

"We are trying to diversify the regatta and homecoming experiences," said Wisdom. "I cannot promote sporting events to be nothing but drink outs. I want to get more sporting activities involved in these events and give people alternatives while at the same time using these massive crowds that come to these things to try to encourage local sporting participation."

Wisdom said that the Boxing matches were a tremendous success seeing that it drew crowds from the regatta setting. He added that with a little bit more sponsorship, the sub-events will become even bigger and better next year.

"This is history tonight. We are taking Boxing to the Family Islands," said Wisdom. "Historically for the Bahamas Games, we have had people from Nassau representing these islands in the area of Boxing. There is a tremendous amount of talent in these Family Islands in all of the sporting areas and particularly in the sport of Boxing. We are trying to get people here (Eleuthera and Harbour Island) from the ministry and people from the Bahamas Boxing Federation to try to get a locally based programme.

"One of our main challenges is to get a ring down here for the boxers in Eleuthera to train in and then we will go from there," added the minister.

Apparently, the sport of Boxing is the pacesetter, but it won't be the only sport to benefit from the massive crowds of the regattas throughout The Bahamas next year.

"It won't be just Boxing, we are going to introduce other sporting disciplines in the various Family Island regattas," assured Wisdom. "Cycling races and distance road running are also on the agenda. The distance running programme in our country is in bad shape. We know that there are a number of excellent distance runners in these Family Islands so we intend to use the regatta experience to stage sporting events like these.

"We are going to have road races and encourage the youngsters from the area to participate in it," he added.

Not only did the Boxing matches turn out to be a success in Harbour Island over the weekend, but they were so exciting that it prompted members of the local community to commit themselves to making the programme work for future regattas.

"Tonight we had people from the local community who have pledged their assistance in getting the programme going," said Wisdom. "We had a good crowd tonight and we were able to attract Boxing officials from throughout the country and I am very thankful that they were able to come. Sporting events such as these at regattas can only bring Bahamians together."

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