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Posted by:Feb 10th 2006, 11:08:17 pm
snowywe would like to help....please let me know the specifics...thanks....
Posted by:Feb 9th 2006, 10:37:14 am
ColinColin here. We will be sending a check this weekend for two kids' hearing aids.
We know where to send the checks and are sorry to have taken so long to make good!
See you in mid-March!
Posted by:Feb 9th 2006, 08:58:44 am
snowyI answered my own question...sorry! Are the hearing aids able to "grow" with the children? Or do they need replacement....and do they require batteries....these can be very costly and where will they get the replacement batteries....where does the money need to be sent? And are these kids on HI or Elu....thanks....
Posted by:Feb 9th 2006, 08:55:44 am
snowyAre these children on Harbour Island? Thanks....
Posted by:Feb 8th 2006, 08:24:44 am
EEOAs a part of Exceptional Education Outreach’s (EEO) programs, we bring therapists and medical professionals from Nassau to perform more in-depth evaluations that are needed for the children with special needs across Eleuthera and Harbour Island. Last semester we had two visits from speech therapists: Sharon Clarke and Paula Bowleg of Nassau that assessed the hearing of over 30 children. They also gave speech evaluations and individualized strategies to parents and teachers.
To follow up with the children identified with hearing loss, last week EEO brought Dr. Kim Scrivin, the country’s only audiologist. Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Scrivin packed a full day across Eleuthera. She found quite a few children that had hearing loss due to ear infections or built up sand and wax. Making steps to solve this problem affects the child’s overall academic progress and self esteem. ( Hearing all the sounds in a word is a crucial part of literacy).
In addition, two children that have profound hearing loss (assumed to be completely deaf) were also fitted for hearing aides that will allow them to hear up to 30%. This gives them a better chance at lip reading and verbalization.This will be the first time the children have the opportunity of sound and the progress they will be able to make is so important.
I am writing today to reach the hearts of those of you who may want to help cover the costs of these discounted (but still expensive) hearing aides. The parents cannot afford them so EEO is searching for support to cover 90 % of the costs. Our budget provides the travel and medical fees but not the hearing aides. The cost is $500 each and we are looking to cover the expensive for three.
I would be happy to answer any more specific questions, and I am most grateful for any support offered.
You will be changing the lives of children that otherwise would not have this chance.
For more information about EEO please visit out website:
Or contact EEO Director, Lang, at EEOBahamas@yahoo.
Than you for your Care!

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