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Prime Minister Christie Reshuffles Cabinet
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Posted by:Mar 5th 2006, 09:17:47 pm
farilook at all the family island development thats currently going on!!! ,ur the FNM nationalist, it clearly shows,, and as far as Mr,christie lookin sick,,, you MNM,s on harbour Island is making him sick,,, we,re in a MNM constituency !! what is ur member of parliment is doing for you , think about that,,,an as far as doing anything for fisheries,,, tell ur fishermen to stop gettin the lobster&grouper out of season & stop alowing the ileagal imigrants from farming on you,re land across the water,, try an make a differance bettering briland an stop making somthing small as a mustard seed into somthing sensless& big!!!!!
Posted by:Feb 22nd 2006, 05:20:44 pm
The Bahamian NationalistThe D&C doctor was rewarded for deserting his personality cult and crawling back to the PLP. For the Nation this shuffle is a grand waste of money with the reorganization of ministries and the creation of a new ministry. Nothing much will be achieved by all this, except a bigger debt burden. Notice how sick Mr. Christie looked!
Note that the 'throne speech'contained absolutely nothing for Fisheries and next to nothing for Agriculture. Tell me that this government cares for the Family Islands and I will have to laugh!
Posted by:Feb 22nd 2006, 12:27:59 pm
Fig Tree News Team22nd February
PM Reshuffles Cabinet

After many weeks of speculation, Prime Minister Perry Christie in a nationally-televised address last night announced a Cabinet reshuffle, which includes the addition of Senator Dr. Bernard Nottage to his team of ministers.

Dr. Nottage has been appointed Minister of Health and National Insurance and will be sworn it at Government House today.

Explaining the move, Mr. Christie said, "This will also extend to National Health Insurance, which my government is determined to introduce as soon as practicable in a form that will ensure long-term sustainability."

The prime minister also announced that he has "every intention" of making additional changes to his Cabinet before his administrationís present term expires next year.

The prime minister also announced that Dr. Marcus Bethel, the former Minister of Health, is now the new Minister of Energy and the Environment.

"In his capacity, Dr. Bethel will assume ministerial responsibility for BEC and relations with the petroleum industry. He will also be responsible for the development of a national energy policy incorporating traditional sources of energy and renewable energy alternatives as well," the prime minister said.

"In addition, Dr. Bethel will now assume responsibility for what promises to be the single most important physical change in our city, namely, the re-development of downtown into a world-class location befitting our status as the tourism leader in the region."

Former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Neville Wisdom has been designated the Minister of Youth, Sports and Housing.

The prime minister said that because of Minister Wisdomís increased ministerial responsibilities, the Department of Culture and the other culture-related matters have been transferred to the Office of the Prime Minister.

This will extend to the National Cultural Commission, the Antiquities, Museums & Monuments Corporation and the Clifton Heritage Authority as well, it was announced.

"It is important that the development of our national identity and to the deepening of Bahamian culture generally that we bring the highest level of government support to the efforts of our artists and artisans," Prime Minister Christie said. "The transfer of these matters to the Office of the Prime Minister should therefore serve as a signal of this new emphasis."

Mr. Christie also announced that the responsibility of Bahamasair will now be transferred to the prime ministerís portfolio as well.

Similarly, responsibility for the Urban Renewal Programme will also be transferred to the Office of the Prime Minister for the time being.

Former Minister of Housing and National Insurance Shane Gibson has been appointed Minister of Immigration, Labour and Training.

"This ministry has been expanded to incorporate the vocational training matters that were formerly contained in the Ministry of Education," the prime minister said.

"In my view, these are more appropriately joined to the labour portfolio at this time. I have therefore brought about this marriage in the ministerial re-alignments that will take effect [on Wednesday]."

But the prime minister said Minister Gibsonís primary mandate must necessarily be the aggressive and unrelenting enforcement of the countryís immigration laws.

"He is a tough, no non-sense, get-the-job-done individual who will, I am sure, prove himself equal to the weighty challenges that I have now given him," Mr. Christie said.

Vincent Peet, the former Minister of Immigration and Labour, has been appointed Minister of Financial Services and Investments.

"I have expanded this ministry to encompass responsibility for trade and industry with the exception of our multi-lateral trading relationships which have been transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the prime minister said.

"Of central importance to Mr. Peetís new ministerial portfolio will be the new Domestic Investments Board that was foreshadowed in last weekís Speech from the Throne. This will be designed to accelerate the empowerment of Bahamians as entrepreneurs and equity owners in the Bahamian economy."

Mr. Christie said the unprecedented expansion of the economy that is so vigorously underway today can only have real and enduring value if the government empowers hundreds of Bahamians to become not just workers, but owners of the goods and services.

The present Minister of Financial Services & Investments, Allyson Maynard-Gibson is the new attorney general and minister of legal affairs.

"The demand for the more efficient delivery of judicial services is becoming louder day-by-day," Prime Minister Christie said. "We ignore it at our peril."

The prime minister added that he has added the Industrial Relations Tribunal to the Judicial Department.

In addition, responsibility for the Registrar Generalís Department will continue to rest with Minister Maynard-Gibson.

As of today, the Ministry of Education will be re-named the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and Alfred Sears will continue as minister.

"In recognition, however, of the enormous demands of this particular ministry and in keeping with Minister Searsí personal desire, I have, as just mentioned, re-allocated the Attorney Generalís portfolio to another minister," the prime minister said.

"This separation will allow Minister Sears to give his undivided attention to the manifold challenges that confront our educational system."

Former Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Local Governor V. Alfred Gray will now serve as minister of local government and consumer affairs.

"It is vitally important that highly-focused attention now be placed on refining the structure, administrative machinery and practices of local government," the prime minister said.

"There is no better person for this job than Mr. Gray whose past service as a Family Island commissioner and whole intimate knowledge of our Family Island communities put him in excellent stead for the work that needs to done."

The prime minister said there are special challenges that must be faced, particularly in relation to the increasingly complex and demanding role that local councils and authorities are being called on to perform in communities where local concerns have to be balanced against the sometimes competing commercial interests of resort and property developers.

Prime Minister Christie announced that the Agriculture and Fisheries components of Mr. Grayís portfolio, however, have now been transferred to Leslie Miller, the former Minister of Trade and Industry who has been appointed Minister of Agriculture & Marine Resources.

All other ministers will continue to serve in the cabinet in the same positions they now hold, mostly with relatively minor changes in their portfolios, and in some instances, no changes at all, Mr. Christie said.

"They are, without exception, dedicated, hard-working men and women of tremendous talent and ability who continue to give the very best of themselves in the service of the Bahamian people," the prime minister added.

"I should also like to mention that the ministerial changes that I have announced tonight will also give rise to re-deployment of parliamentary secretaries and permanent secretaries. This re-deployment will commence very shortly and will be the subject of a suitable press announcement."

Mr. Christie also foreshadowed that he will be making changes to his team in the senate in the near future.

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