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recycling program harbour island
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Posted by:Mar 28th 2006, 09:31:36 am
environmental reliefDear Colin,
thank you very much for your response, it's good to know that people still care about the environment.
It's seams we have the same idea about getting rid of scrap metal on the island. Presently we are working with a contact that is willing to except these items but unfortunally there is only one crane on the island ,shipping is another concern and we also need the permission from the owners.
We are open to any help or ideas that will take us closer to E.R. environmental relief's long term goals. Feel free to call either Jonathan or Giorgia at 333-3481 or
thanks again
Posted by:Mar 27th 2006, 01:04:24 pm
ColinAs someone who hadn't been to Briland for almost six years, and was concerned with the amount of trash seen last time, I have to congratulate Brilanders on doing a great job of cleaning things up.
While big items like dead cars, golf carts and boats still litter some spots the island is much cleaner than it used to be. Now if we can just reduce the number of golf carts and kill the Valentines development and the neighboring plan down the bay everything will be perfect!
Posted by:Mar 25th 2006, 01:10:00 pm
environmental reliefDear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Environmental Relief I would like to thank all the businesses,residents and visitors of the island for their kind generosity in making a contribution to our cause. Their commitment in helping the “Let’s Recycle “ campaign is sincerely appreciated. Since it’s launch in February of this year the “Let’s Recycle” campaign has gotten an overwhelming response; with over 300 lbs of aluminium already shipped to “Cans for Kids” in Nassau and more on the way.

One goal of Environmental Relief is to continue to make a difference in the waste management of Harbour Island. With each step E.R will continue to advance its mission, of protecting the environment and its resources.

With the help of donations from supporters we will continue to see improvements in the “Let’s Recycle” campaign and the environment of Harbour Island. Through our researches, educational programs and island wide campaigns, we hope to see many lives changed for the better.

Thank you once again for your kind heartedness and support in our efforts in protecting the environment and may we continue to strive for a better way of living through education and awareness.

Best regards,

E.R. environmental relief
Posted by:Feb 28th 2006, 10:59:36 am
KimberlyThank you, Jimmy Curry of Johnson's Rentals, for jumpstarting the local business community ... may the idea catch on! (Congrats, Austin.)
Posted by:Feb 27th 2006, 09:06:02 pm
woodnstuffHi to All,
In an effort to support the recycling programme on Briland, as the initial post mentioned the pupils of the Craft Programme are beginning to actively collect cans in school as well as out of school. Here is my request to you all. I went to Johnson's Rentals today to enquire about the Plastic 55 gallon drums they have to sell. Having told Jimmy about my intentions of using the drums to collect the cans to avoid mixing them with the other waste he very generously offered to donate a drum on his own behalf and also mentioned that I should approach other business's and individual's regarding getting them to donate a drum towards our program. So anyone who is genuinely interested in keeping Briland cleaner then Please drop into Johnson's and buy a drum for $55 and drop it to school. The kids response so far has been excellent but I'd like to limit the need for the kids rummage through all the other trash in their search for cans. Additional drums is the only way I can get all the soda drinkers to put their can in recycling drums. Any helpful comments or assistance from anyone will be greatly appreciated. On a weekly basis the kids collect over 1000 cans working in groups of 2 per day. So 10 kids 100 cans each. They are starting to compete to see who can get the most overall. I have mentioned to the children that I am actively seeking sponsorship of either ipods or mp3 players or something of that nature as prizes for the best 2 groups. So if any of you have connections in Radio Shack Please work on this for us. A few groups have collected over 700 cans in an effort to be in the running for the prizes,
If we get them young we have them for life!!!
Thanks in advance for any assistance you all can give us,
Austin Mullin
Posted by:Feb 25th 2006, 11:35:40 am
briland's bestThis is beautiful! Thanks for sharing such impoortant information. Indeed, yes to 'Let's Recycle'! Information is power! Please continue to empower us, to live better and exhibit pride in our lovely homeland! Reducing the amount of pollution will indeed set the standard for a better living all around! This environmental educational program is a must! Every business and citizen here will benefit from this data! Indeed, help us to do this the right way!Thanks for the facts!
Posted by:Feb 25th 2006, 08:59:26 am
JohnThis is wonderful and good luck to this much needed program. Hopefully it will lead to many other recycable porducts. A good thing for the youth of the Island to get to a habit of doing.
Posted by:Feb 24th 2006, 01:24:05 pm
environmental reliefDear Ladies & Gentlemen,
E.R. Environmental Relief, non profit organization, is launching its first ever recycling campaign on Harbour Island, "Let's Recycle" will assist us in raising funds on a continual basis, by recycling trash and unwanted items. All the income will go into helping the Art and Craft Department at the Harbour Island All age School since the children help E.R. by collecting cans. We will also establish a science laboratory for Environmental Relief . This will allow us to better conduct our research and to improve the environmental education programs. With "Let's Recycle" we focus on recycling soda cans, empty inkjet cartridges and Bahamian beer bottles.
With population growth and human consumption rising steadily we are facing the issue of trash and what to do with it. Recycling reduces the need for landfills: aluminium lying in our landfills will still be around in 200 or more years; bottles never disappear. While recycling we help to reduce the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases released into the environment. We are also doing much more: we are conserving natural resources (such as trees, metal ores, minerals, oil, water and energy). Recycling can be fun, easy, and rewarding because you are helping yourself and your community by setting the standard for a healthy environment throughout the Bahamas.
Recycling is not only important for the environment but also for every body. Children playing around the island could get hurt because of empty aluminum cans or bottles, also less trash, less rats, less diseases. Trash continually discarded into the environment or burned will eventually ends up in the sea. We eat from the sea, we swim in the sea.
Harbour Island is a small developing island so lets continue to do our part and keep our island clean and pristine for future generations to enjoy. Help us, Help kids.
Please join us, and take part by making a donation in this “environmental relief” for a better way of living through education and awareness.
Collect separately your soda cans ,beer bottles or inkjet cartridges at home or work and drop them in special containers or at our storing facility. If you had a party just call us and we'll be on our way to collect your bottles and cans.


Here are some facts to consider when you think about what happens when you recycle:
Enough energy is saved by recycling one aluminium can to run a TV set for three hours or to light one 100 watt bulb for 20 hours.
Recycling one glass bottle in the making of a new glass container saves enough energy to keep a 100 watt light bulb illuminated for four hours.
Making cans from recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy required to produce cans from virgin material.
Recycled glass saves 50% energy of the energy required to produce a container from virgin material.
Recycling a soda produces 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution
Recycled glass generates 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution
An Aluminium can recycled today will be back on the grocery shelf in about 90 days.
Glass containers go from recycling bin to store shelf in as little as 30 day.
Other facts
Recycling generates jobs and revenue.
75% of our trash can be recycled.
Being a non-profit organization E.R. can only operate based on donations, and these can be in the form of monetary funding, equipment, persons with relative experience in the field.
For any drop off direction or further information call 333-3481 or e-mail us at
to know more about us log on
Thank you for your attention

Contact us online at