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Posted by:Mar 4th 2006, 02:20:49 pm
DonI've done it quite a few times in a small boat, and while you have to be careful, it's not that difficult. Of course, good weather helps, and the ability to "read the color" of the water and judge its depth. Also, you should make your first round trip on the Bohengy. It can get onboard on its stops in Spanish Wells to and from Harbour'll just have the 10:00 to 3:50 time interval on Harbour Island that day. Keeping your eyes open on those trips will give you a good feel for the route...especially interesting is how close to the shore they travel during part of the trip. Even better would be to take a chart along and note the route as you go. Of course, if the times are right and you can keep up, you can just follow in the Boheny's wake every day.
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2006, 04:43:46 pm
hobiecatYes...we must remember that the original Eleutheran Adventurers involuntarily settled there specifically because of the Devil's Backbone, and they had a pretty big boat! ;-)
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2006, 03:15:46 pm
KimberlyYou might want to check with whoever you're getting the boat from ... if you rent a boat on Harbour Island, for example, you are pretty much specifically prevented from going outside of the harbour unescorted. If you're not familiar with the complexity of the Devil's Backbone, which is infamous for eating large and small boats alike ;-), you don't want to be making that trek on your own.
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2006, 02:48:46 pm
hobiecatWell....I remember when I was a kid we took a boston whaler to Spanish Wells over the backbone and it was pretty harrowing! Large waves, bumpy ride, and lots of teeth gnashing! Years later, I've been over the same route on calmer days with little trouble, but I have to agree with bahamasharon, that your best bet is to go with a guide if you're not familiar with the route. Good luck!
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2006, 09:58:57 am
bahamasharonVery difficult to come around from Spanish Wells to Harbour Island because of the Devil's Backbone reef. You can get a guide in Spanish Wells.
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2006, 06:51:08 am
GussieHow safe, easy or difficult is it to go from Spanish Wells, around the north end of Eluethera and then to Harbour Island in a small boat? Can it be done any time during the day? I have access to a boat and will need to be in Harbour Island several times during the week I am in Spanish Wells. I would rather go by boat than go over the island. I would have to load and unload many times from Water Taxi to Land Taxi, back to Water Taxi, etc. This would be time consuming and costly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thnak you.

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