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Colin's clan is coming
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Posted by:Mar 20th 2006, 05:03:58 pm
ColinColin here. What a time! Miss Rika produced exquisite baked boxfish and her signature coconut pie for my 50th birthday at Runaway on Saturday. Steve, Runaway's manager, showed us great kindness and courtesy as the four of us kept wandering into the kitchen to chat and putting our five year old to sleep on a bench during dinner a few days before.
Herman Higgs put me into a quartet of boxfish in one half day of fishing, something I'd never heard of before.
Time was too short, leaving far too little time to gossip and see friends. My apologies to Ronnie and Miss Rika and a slew of others for not spending more time with them.
Romora Bay looks much better than it has for a while, though they could use someone on duty by 6 a.m. to take care of fishermen and people who have to leave early.
Thank you to everyone who was kind to my son and to us and behaved as Brilanders will.
When we were on the plane homeward bound, my son turned to me and said, Daddy, can we go back to Harbour Island? I told him we couldn't right then but that we would.
See you all in 18 months, we hope!
Posted by:Mar 7th 2006, 07:36:18 pm
hobiecatWe stayed in the Easter House over Christmas and I can attest the new renovations make the house wonderful and a treat to stay! Enjoy!
Posted by:Mar 6th 2006, 06:28:49 pm
brilandboyI hear the Easter house has just been renovated under a new owner. Through the royal telegraph that it has all new appliances, new furniture, new kitchen, new bathrooms and even central air conditioning throughout the house which is unheard of in Briland. Let us know how your stay is. If all these great things are true about the Easter House it's one of the top picks in the Briland rental market
Posted by:Mar 6th 2006, 11:04:32 am
ColinThe Clan Clark arrives March 11 and will be staying at Easter House. We look forward to seeing Miss Rika and the myriad who have welcomed us to Briland oh these many years.

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