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Posted by:Sep 12th 2006, 11:47:48 am
ChristopherFirst, I thought the cruise ships werent (1) supposed to anchor there and (2) where on earth is it deep enough for them to do so? Sounds like the constabulary and the coast guard isn't doing its job. Corruption or they just don't give a crap. frankly there are enough mega-wealthy NIMBY types down there with home to imply for me that if nothing is gettiong doen, they are somehow in on the game as well. Barry Diller can pick up a phone or send an email andf all of this stuff ends. Is it glitzy gangsters (Cuban or otherwise) partnering with the local crooks? is it Florida redneck developers? Aloof Brits? The locals (who are pretty laid back, nice folks who'd make better neighbors than my present neighbors)Whois fueling this crap, if it's as bad as you claim?
Posted by:Sep 12th 2006, 11:22:42 am
SMUnfortunately, there was a cruise ship incident involving an illegal anchoring and zodiac powered beach assault, dog poisonings, jet skis on the beach, some ugly development and illegal fishing. Thankfully the bonefish population is still producing good income. As for cops with drug dealers, my guess is that Marion Barry is running for office in the Bahamas.
Posted by:Sep 11th 2006, 11:23:35 pm
ChristopherYou must be talking about a different island in my opinion, but please--how much of this is true and how much is just a rant?
Posted by:Aug 9th 2006, 08:11:39 am
pirate82WOW, the corruption on Briland is beyond all comprehension. It is like going to a 3rd-world country, which the Bahamas desperately is trying NOT to be.
Having lived on Briland for years, I was used to the standard: fishermen bringing in under-sized and illegal fish and conch; builders taking sand from the beach; poisoned dogs and horses.
Briland is hitting all new lows, as I found out this summer: cruise ships; a three story condo; and I found out why...
Sitting in a bar is two of the most well known drug dealers on the island, and two off-duty cops. Sharing a drink - and who knows what else. If drug dealers can get away with it, then so can developers with a lot more money, and cruise-line companies.
Come on, you want to be a 1st world country, enforce your laws. Then you will have a country to be proud of.

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