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Letter to the editor, Depletion of the Bahamian Fishing Industry
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Posted by:Aug 16th 2006, 10:45:42 am
Fig Tree News TeamStephen Cleare is having trouble posting to the messageboard this morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

"I am seeking answers and maybe someone in the Government of the Bahamas or the United States Government, can fill us in on what they are doing about the continued poaching in our Bahamian waters by US boaters and US commercial fishermen from Florida who continue to violate our laws. They are devastating our waters illegally, under the watchful eyes of the US Coast Guard.

The United States Government the Bahamas Government have fail to address this illegal activity. The Bahamian fishermen industry is in grave danger, some of our fishermen are physically threaten in some cases. The Bahamas has successfully demonstrated its ability to assist to stem the flow of drugs through the Bahamas in joint operations with the United States Government.

Why then can the United States Government and the Bahamas Government fail to provide protection to our waters. raped by non-Bahamian citizens. Do they understand that our fishing industry is a very important resource to our economic existence an very excellent alternative to the drug trade? Maybe they think this will all just go away. Only when it becomes a problem to them will they address it as they normally do in all cases. Does it have to come to this? Does someone has to be hurt first in order to bring attention to a very serious problem of illegal poaching by US and US Cubans, American citizens? I must also say that there have be one or two token arrest, yes tokens. Need I say the Bahamas is in a very, very strategic location…..??????

They gives us high marks when we stop the drug traffickers, Haitians, Dominicans and other foreign migrants and their smugglers, yet at the same time threaten to destroy our tourist industry should we detain Cuban migrants and their smugglers.

Our shores are daily being devastated by overbuilt marinas and the like. Destroying the marine life that have formed these Islands not to mention the irreversible destruction that has already been done by military testing. We have become a reluctant partner in the war to overthrow Fidel by the Cuban American Policy makers in Miami and Tallahassee, Florida. This madness must be stopped we should not have to be pawns. My Government of the Bahamas MUST protect its people’s resources at all cost or it would have failed to fulfill their elected obligation. Which they have done so many times in the past."

Thank you
Stephen Cleare

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