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Posted by:Nov 21st 2006, 08:00:38 am
smittyBeautifully said, Brilands Best and a very happy Thanksgiving to you.Their should be more like you.
Posted by:Nov 20th 2006, 01:00:28 pm
briland's bestHappy thanksgiving! Now my hope is that everyone has a safe and wonderful thanksgiving crime free! Let's all police our own kids, and neighbours' kids too like in the old days back! We could do it! Back to basics! It would really help if the police patrol the streets more. Honestly, twice a day would truly help because our island is only 3.5 by 1.5 - not too much to cover. This is just a fact that we need to help each other in the betterment of our present social ill of crime. It's good to know that the atmosphere of our island is so warm and peaceful. We don't want to lose that at all. So let's bring justice back - "if anyone does the crime, let them spend the time!" Criminals have many faces and some often wear 'uniforms'. We need Harbour Island to stay beautiful inside out! Just pointing out some facts not pointing the finger. I love my island and appreciate it's loving communitiy. We have our hands full, however, it is worth polishing up that gem of ours! It is very special! So let's get the kids feeling good about being independent and goal oriented! Self-respect and community love is what they must hear! Each child I talk to will 'know this' in a sincerely warmhearted manner. As an adult, my friends and associates will know likewise! It begins with one heart and mind at a time! People is everyone's business! And the business of every community is it's people! Let's continue to talk with each other not at each other. May this Thanksgiving be beautiful for you and your family because it could be someone's last time to say "I love you, and Happy Thanksgiving" with a hug! Let's bring out the best in each other!
Posted by:Nov 19th 2006, 02:01:35 pm
cshoregalOne things for certain, this subject sure has gotten a lot of attention;judging by the amount of replies. 32 to date. It is all about being aware and EVERYONE trying to work together to try and resolve the situation.
Posted by:Nov 19th 2006, 10:57:46 am
BrilandkidMs. Karol my dear that was absolutely not reprimanding. What they are saying as already been established. There is enough blame to go around including myself carry blame. I would love to hear so more positive suggestions. Enough of beating up of ourselves, of course we know we are at fault because this is our home and it should be better kept. I welcome their opinions I would rather move to the action stage. I thank them for their comments.

Now thank you!! for your sweet comment Ms Karol
Posted by:Nov 19th 2006, 10:18:52 am
KarolBrilandKid - although your posts are always interesting, there's no need to insult others who post. Everyone is entitled to post their opinion without fear of being reprimanded. I don't think either one of the posters you refer to have it wrong at all - just a different emphasis on possible solutions - and they are both just as correct as you are.
Posted by:Nov 18th 2006, 07:35:04 pm
BrilandkidRighteous one I wonder if you are related to Big stick, You both have something in common. I said that all comments are welcome and yours is a welcome too. However you did not get the point in this post it was not said that we are blaming the police for all social ills, but an important part, I would like to see them as part of the solution a starting point. They are not doing their job, Sexing the young women of the Island is not their job. Since you say you have lived here for 12 years you know what I am talking about. Lay down with dogs you get up with fleas right. They (Police) must not allow themselves to be extorted for favors by certain individuals who think they are above the law. Sex has a way of doing just that. Bottom line retrain them in police professionalism!!! I agree we have some Briland parents that should that should be arrested for child abuse for turning their children into fiends some. But this, which is not an excuse, is caused by lack of education and self-respect. Education is a key element. Righteous one you have live here for 12 years I was born here, hope to die here too. You have yet to be totally educated in knowing what it is to be a true, true Brilander. It is going to take more than 12 years to really know us that’s fer sure.
Now Righteous one you and Big Stick, both your comments are welcome, but you both have a problem with simple comprehension. It was said we (us, Brilanders) are part of the problem too. Read all the post before responding

I better stop this is getting too righteously sweet.
Posted by:Nov 16th 2006, 07:10:18 pm
righteousI wish to speak in regards to crime and the police in Harbour Island. I have liveD IN harbour island for the last twelve years and for the duration of that time i have seen the staff of officers change many times. persons are so quick to blame the police for all of its social ills and community faults.The officers may have changed but the same problems that existed then is still existing now, so is it really the police that needs to change.the mentality of some brilanders is uncomprehensible if their child doesnt do well they blame the teachers if their child is sick they blame the nurse i wonder who they would blame if their children were well behaved. Crime is not only the police problem it is also us the people problem. and until we all for me, money making, who has the mostest so called parents in this community start realizing that it is our children that is going to suffer because we didnt invest the time to install good morals and parentage in our kids then we are in serious problems. Tourism is this islands main industry how many kids are being taught to be courteous and friendly when meeting our visitors instead i hear of kids doing petty stealing and even breaking into some of the homes. I was devasted to learn this then their mommas are so quick to say no it wasnt my churrens but yet they cant give an account for them when night falls or explain where they got certain new "toys" what kind of kids are we bringing up. Harbour island is just like anywhere else in the world that has its problems but i am convinced ours is because of how are children are being reared and am not only referring to ones at school age am talking about the big grown ones too who still calls on mommy and daddy to go "make that call" to get them out when the police would have done their job. so stop blaming the police and try to help in protecting your own.. Rememember train up a child in the way he should go and when he isold he will not depart from it... God Bless
Posted by:Nov 14th 2006, 03:05:24 pm
JohnKimberly- Glad to hear about the potential for a program for youth sailing. A couple of years ago I gave some information from a local Michigan club to one of the town fathers in hope that this would happen. In fact since they used to build boats on the Island that they would then build their own small sailing boats. Anyway, I do believe I still have a copy of the material and would love for you to have. Good luck!!
Posted by:Nov 14th 2006, 07:08:14 am
BrilandkidCshoregal your voice of awareness is welcome, I am sure Briland Best, myself and others viewed it as positive and constructive. We all want your visit to our Island to be enjoyable. Thanks.
Kimberly Of course I wish to be a part and would like to participate. My Goal is to see every young person of Briland get every opportunity to develop their fullest potential to be the best they can be. I will contact you at the referred address.
Now the rampant reckless Construction overbuilding make no mistake it will most certainly cost them. The day will come soon, soon where they will have their feet held to the fire and it will be super hot not just for foreign reckless builders but natives too. Briland is our home and we will not let those GREEDY Bastards take that gem away without a fight, certainly not. So I will reserve further response for Action. Our young people deserve to inherit as beautiful place as the older generation did not the spoils.
Posted by:Nov 12th 2006, 08:46:03 am
cshoregalDear Brilandkid & Brilandsbest; Thanks for your extended apologies. My voice was not to complain; but to make others aware. I share your concern about the local policing or lack of and will send a letter off. I cant stress enough how precious your Briland is. Again although I am a new visitor I also share your concerns about the rampant construction that is taking place. I only hope that your local govt. takes a hard look at these changes. It must be hard for young natives to wonder if they can afford to live or keep a residence on their own homeland. Again I will not be deterred from visiting Bri;I just have to lock up everything upon leaving the house. A minor inconvience. I cherish your Bri;and am fortunate to visit several times a yr.It's people like you two and the natives that I have come to know and consider friends that add to the beauty of the Island. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all. Peace
Posted by:Nov 9th 2006, 06:35:48 pm
KimberlyBrilandKid ... since you're about to launch a boat sport business, would you like to join me as the Briland Modem Fund develops a Junior Sailing Programme? We've been approached by several sailing associations and yacht clubs to develop such a campaign, that will teach teamwork, collaboration and skills to a new generation of Brilander and North Eleuthera would-be sailors.

We're going to need a lot of materials, training, financial and volunteer help, so buzz me at if you'd like to participate.
Posted by:Nov 7th 2006, 08:49:24 am
BrilandkidCshoregal I join briland best in extending an apology to you and all other visitors not just to Briland the entire Bahamas for any unfortunate experiences that may have had while visiting us. But as you know people are people and in a democracy free society like the Bahamas some will over do it. This is not an excuse. This just means that we the law-abiding ones will have to do more to effectively ensure these things from occurring. I wish to start wish a request to the commissioner of police for the removal of the current officers the ones in charge and their subordinates in Briland. These are officers who practice favoritism and not justice must be remove immediately. Please retrain them in the duties of proper law enforcement not favoritism. There must be zero tolerance for crime. Disorderly conduct must to be defined and spelled out! There are too many petty things thats not revelant and is used and apply to an unprivileged few. We must be fair when applying law.
I wish to thank and join Brilands Best to bring to the attention of the local government that the regatta should be discontinued or tailored. They must now evaluate its need and what it has done for or to Briland, to weigh the up and down side. We do not need drunkenness, lawlessness, disrespectfulness and total disregard for our home. This is not a reflection of who we are has a people. The regatta was created as a cultural event of sailboat racing and other related water activities such as sculling, swimming and the like. Some of our young people do not know what the word sculling is or what is a jib, oar or a mainsail on a boat. This event was meant to educational as well as enjoyable. If we are to keep the event it must be tailored to reflect and display our culture, our talents. Included in the event should be Art displays and crafts, talent shows and contest. It should most of all include a display of History and who we are as a people our past our today and our future. We have lots of talented young people with talents to display, we must allow their expression. Tailor it, Tailor it or discontinue it! We do not need the bad wrap or the bad people here. We are the home of friendly people and we welcome all our friends into it. We welcome all suggestions and comments.

Posted by:Nov 6th 2006, 05:45:22 pm
briland's bestMuch pardon "cshoregal" for having to experience such disrespect on our precious island. It is not what Harbour Island is built upon, and as a local, I am very disappointed in what the Regatta has become through a hand full of rotten apples! Indeed local government must step up and view this event to see if it is worth having another one next year! Harbour Island is a beautiful gem, and we the native must realize this too! My hope is that in 2007 there will be better laws to help protect the inner beauty as well as the outer beauty of this warmhearted island! Once again "cshoregal" I apologize on behalf of my island, and also thank you for still wanting to visit us again! I suggest that you help us bring better laws here to preserve the dignity of Harbour Island. Next time you're here drop a letter at the Local Government office with as many signatures as possible voicing your unfortunate experience! Please take good care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God bless!
Posted by:Nov 2nd 2006, 09:02:52 pm
cshoregalOne more thing; I always vistit twice a year for several weeks each visit. And love visiting in October when I can experience HI and the surrounding Islands at a much more serene time of year. BUT I will never ever return during Regatta time as it is out of hand. Many of the natives have even expressed their concern for much of the disorderly, drunken, disrespectful conduct of the partygoers during that weekend.
Posted by:Nov 2nd 2006, 08:56:40 pm
cshoregalI love love HI; and have been visiting for only the past 3 yrs; although my friends have owned a house there for almost 50 yrs. It is paradise. The past two visits have resulted in 2 thefts to me personally. One my watch, as I went for a swim and 2nd my new running shoes left outside during the night. It was very disheartening. I who work in the big city of NY is well aware of crime. It's just a damn shame it has come to this on your special place on earth. Everyone who does not take action is to blame. It is up to the local authorities to take action. Whether more policing or stricter punishment. Now I hide everything and lock lock lock up everything upon leaving the house. I will not stop visiting paradise; but will be bringing my BIG dog on my next visit.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2006, 10:03:39 pm
KimberlyWe've had some good police, and we've certainly had our share of socialites. It's time for the island to rally around its social issues, and take the tiger by the tail. If we work together, we can take Briland back to what it used to be, local government and police and inevitable development and all.
Posted by:Oct 20th 2006, 09:40:32 pm
BrilandkidSlick still ine get the point. He like some other Brilanders I know is in denial. The point is we have a problem. We want the money and do not want problems associated with. Life consequences are causes and effects. We want massive developments and town festivals, there is a cost associated with it. Cannot have one without the other. Again crime is crime stealing a $15.00 garden hose, $2000 lap top, disorderly conduct an occasional stabbing loaded weapon in a nightclub, all crime, crime produces victims. Cause & effect. Let’s start sharing the blame stop denying blaming others and do some good for our community. Changes start with us standing up for right. Now did you get the point? “slick”. Let's start with improving our police.
Posted by:Oct 20th 2006, 08:47:53 pm
Big SlickFirst of all let me say that I never said that crime was seasonal. Secondly I would like to post a few questions to you Briland Kid. How many peple have been stabbed and killed in Briland over that past 20 years? How often do you have people carrying on in public with such utter disrespect for anyone else around them then during the regatta? What weekend period has the highest arrest rate on HI out of the year? How often do the police find someone with a loaded fire arm in a night club? What other times do the police do more partying with the crowd rather than doing their job on HI? You make it seem like I am generalizing all of people from nassau to behave like this. When in fact I am not. Alot of nice people come from Nassau to enjoy the regatta, but with that you get the bad people that bringsa with them the crime and violence. And I think it would b quite rediculous to try and say that briland has the same crime rate year round as the regatta weekend. Its the equivalent of inviting people from the city to a friendly town festival. There will always be problems.
Posted by:Oct 20th 2006, 12:02:06 pm
KimberlyI haven't been home for regatta in years, but understand that crime has been really light these past few years outside of a few folks getting a little too tipsy for their own good :-) and getting escorted to the police station to dry out a bit. The recent incident is troubling indeed.
Posted by:Oct 20th 2006, 11:49:46 am
kristiIf crime is so bad during the regatta festival then why do Eleuthera and Briland keep hosting this big "party"???

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