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Hats off to Spanish Wells. Job well done.
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Posted by:Oct 3rd 2006, 05:27:33 am
BrilandkidOk let me clarify this so it is not taken out of context. Hats off which as nothing to do with the way they look, talk, dress or dance or except the outside world. Bahamians or not, they still deserve their props, for using their God giving talent to harvest what God has provided them. A natural resource no matter how back breaking the work may be. They have came a long way since the 40ís 50,s and the 60,s on how they view the outside world. But one thing has not changed they still depend on God not government.
Tourist industry is big $$$ business. But it can be control, 911 proved that. If terrorist can dictate travel surely Governments can. The concept of not letting someone control what you eat or when you eat, sleep or drink. Is that not like being independent? Hope this clarifies the point I was trying to make of the Bahamas Government need to take note of true independence. Spanish Wells is a tiny example of how independence works. Never mind the way of life, it is liken to the Amish of Lancaster County Pennsylvania USA. They too are a unique people. As people they are all loved. They too are Gods creation. Regardless of skin color, origin or way of life, we are all people and people need love and letís not forget independence. We all need each other but should only depend on one being. The ultimate creator of all things ďGĒ is for God not government.

Again Hats off to SPW.

Now you see why Briland is so sweet. I am a product of that sweetness.
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2006, 08:14:23 pm
MSHillsSpanish Wells - now that's a much more interesting topic than these Hats Off people are talking about. I've seen Spanish Wells people refuse to touch (as in giving change to) Black Harbour Islanders. I've seen Spanish Wells people act like they are better than the Harbour Islanders for about thirty years. Personally - I think Spanish Wells is just that - Spanish Wells - happy to be themselves - and the hell with the rest of us - tourists, black Bahamians et al.
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2006, 01:45:24 am
BrilandkidI admire those hard working people of Spanish Wells. The Bahamas Government should take note. While Government was training the rest of us to be domesticated hotel workers. They SPW took pride in themselves not to be dependant on Bahamas air, American airlines or carnival cruise tourist to come to SPW.
SPW can and is functioning without tourist a dollar. They invested in an endless resource that is supplied by God not government. But requires the protection of a government that believes all Bahamians should be domesticated servants. Tourist should have been industry #2 itís beauty to be shared not totally dependant on. If tourist stop coming we will suffer, cause some of our youths today canít even cut bait, a sorry bunch. How can we in the Bahamas call ourselves independent when we depend upon others for our survival? We neglected the natural resources God gave us to supply our needs and we opted to tote food trays, which our government believes is lighter.
Remember the tourist industry is not a industry that you can claim independence with. I wish our Government defined the meaning of true independence. I do not celebrate July 10th a fake holiday. Misled by Government like most Government do. Remember you canít fool all of the people all of the time, only some of the people some of the time.

Case and point, we call ourselves a commonwealth not a colony, what the hell the difference, still controlled just a 20th century name change not independence.

Sweetness is my weakness, thatís Briland. Thank Spanish Wells!!! You know what true independence is.

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