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Roger Staubach. Emmitt Smith Build Bluff and Royal Island, Eleuthera
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Posted by:Dec 28th 2006, 12:51:36 pm
KimberlyPersonally, I'm looking forward to the launch of their planned luxury yacht basin ... it'll take a lot of the pressure off of Harbour Island's harbour, which simply can't handle the number (or size) of the boats it's being asked to process. Neither commercial marina has a wastewater treatment program in place, which adds to the tension facing the harbour. And it seems as though a new private dock is being dredged every other month. Briland's little harbour is a key element of the ecosystem that feeds us, and as a resource is pretty strained at the moment.
Posted by:Dec 28th 2006, 09:42:45 am
SMLooks like Briland will turn into Paradise Island before we know it. Will they blast out some space for larger ferries too? The reason why Briland has its reputation is because places like Staubach and Smith's don't exist nearby. Why change something if it isn't broken?
Posted by:Dec 21st 2006, 09:35:39 pm
snowyI guess this will increase the number of daytrippers to H.I.
ugh! Here we go....
Posted by:Dec 20th 2006, 12:46:15 pm
MaddieThank you, this is good news!
Posted by:Dec 20th 2006, 12:39:02 pm
KimberlyWell, the Bahamas Electricity Corporation announced several months back that a brand-new power plant was being built on North Eleuthera that would launch in Spring 2007, which will also replace and expand the antiquated facilities on Harbour Island.

As far as water is concerned, I have only heard through the grapevine that the Royal Island project will be pretty much indepdendent of the local supply.
Posted by:Dec 19th 2006, 03:54:10 pm
MaddieIs no one else concerned about the water and electic issues that a resort this big could bring to Harbour Island?
Posted by:Dec 19th 2006, 01:04:05 pm
Fig Tree News Team$700 million Eleutheran Agreement

By INDERIA SAUNDERS, Nassau Guardian Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Perry Christie signed an agreement yesterday for the development of a $700 million resort in North Eleuthera that is expected to create one thousand jobs during construction and after completion.

Construction on phase one of the Royal Island resort project is due to commence in early spring of next year and is scheduled to take approximately 10 years before all phases are complete. Prime Minister Christie said the partnership with the Royal Island Bahamas company would create a brilliant rebirth on the island of Eleuthera.

" Make no mistake, this development is destined to have a significant impact not only on the economy of Eleuthera... this will add to the justifiably proud heritage of this island," said Mr Christie. "The impact of Royal Island will be felt not only in the immediate area of North Eleuthera, but also upon the island of Eleuthera as a whole."

"It will also bring lasting enhancements, improvements and unprecedented economic opportunities here to the Bluff, Lower and Upper Bogue, the Current and to the surrounding settlements."

President of the Royal Island development, Chris Maguire, said that Royal Island resort would be a very high end luxury hotel that will have a number of major amenities including a golf course for its guests. He announced that legendary golfer Jack Nicholas was a partner in the project and had decided to place one of his unique golf clubs on the island.

"We are proud to be the site of the first golf course over here on North Eleutherea. Jack Nicholas is our partner in the project, he's also the designer of our technical signature golf course," said Mr Maguire. " We're also the first to announce that the Royal Island Gold Club will be a Jack Nicholas golf club [and] it's going to be a pretty exclusive signature since there will only be 25 of these clubs in the world."

Mr Christie said that the developer has also agreed to expand and redevelop the Bluff's public dock facilities as well as to upgrade the straw market, the existing dock and general landscaping, all at their expense.

In addition, he said that the developer will assist with the provision of such additional educational, health, environment, environmental health, police and community related facilities.

" And I'm not finished yet. There will be participation by the developer with the Ministry responsible for Housing in the development and construction of a housing subdivision on government lands in the vicinity of the Bluff."

Mr Christie added that the ministry will allocate sufficient housing for 150 employees, which will be financed by the Royal Island resort.

During the heads of agreement signing yesterday, members of the general public in Eleuthera watched the proceedings with interest.

"I feel very good that something is finally happening on my island," said Eleuthera native and taxi driver George Bethel.

At the end of his address yesterday, Mr Christie made an appeal to all Eleutherans to apply themselves and grab the opportunity while it exists.
Posted by:Dec 17th 2006, 11:23:00 pm
MaddieThat "sounds" good, but what about the water supply to H.I. which is weak at best. Will this developemtn cut off the water before it gets to us? And what about the electric supply?
Posted by:Dec 16th 2006, 05:05:28 pm
Fig Tree News TeamChris Maguire heads up development for real estate firm The Roger Staubach Company, with more information available online at ... cheers, Eleuthera!

15th December
Mega Development For North Eleuthera
By Bianca Symonette

Government officials signed a heads of agreement in The Bluff, North Eleuthera on Thursday for a $700 million resort development, which will be developed over a 10-year period.

Developer of Royal Island Christopher Maguire of the Stauback Company plans to build a mega resort inclusive of residential properties, a marina, a golf course and a spa.

Mr. Maguire said he is excited to work with the residents in Eleuthera and is prepared to begin work immediately to start the beautification process of the North Eleuthera dock, which is one of the provisions outlined in the heads of agreement.

Prime Minister Perry Christie said this latest development will bring lasting enhancements, improvements and unprecedented economic opportunities for the people of Eleuthera.

"I am so satisfied that the quality of life for Eleutherans and other Bahamians seeking opportunities here would be greatly enhanced. I am speaking about excellent employment, entrepreneurial, joint venture and a variety of other business opportunities that are certain to foster and emanate from this development," Mr. Christie said.

"I expect this development to have a significant impact on the island of Eleuthera and the capital inflow of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas."

Mr. Christie expressed gratitude to Mr. Maguire for having confidence to invest in The Bahamas, especially since this is the first time the developer has invested in a development on an island.

"My government is looking forward to forging a major partnership with the group of companies that would make up Royal Island to make sure that [the venture is not only profitable] to the shareholders and investors, but also profitable to Eleuthera and the people of The Bahamas," Mr. Christie said.

The prime minister ensured that during negotiations, the parties acted in the best interest of the residents.

"The agreement includes developing, constructing, expanding and redeveloping the public dock facilities here in the Bluff. This means the dredging and reclamation of an additional 2.5 acres of land. This acreage would provide a welcome centre and staging area to be leased to the developer," Mr. Christie.

Under the agreement, the developer will provide 20 slips at the public dock for locals and a lounge area for local boaters. The developer will also upgrade and revitalize The Bluff straw market, improve the public restroom, provide 40 public parking spots along the market, and create landscaping leading up to the public dock.

In addition the developers have agreed to train young Eleuthera residents to hold future positions at the company.

The prime minister said all environmental concerns were addressed and he said the development would not pose a problem to the ecology of the island.

Minister of Financial Services and Investments Vincent Peet said the development will be unique and will bring tremendous benefits to the country.

"It is the government’s thrust to encourage developers like Mr. Maguire not only to create jobs for Bahamians, but to create business opportunities for Bahamians," Minister Peet said.

He said the latest project will add yet another stellar tourist product to the Bahamian experience.

During the construction phase of the project, 1,000 jobs will be created and an additional 1,000 would be created upon completion, according to officials.

Congrats, Bluff!

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