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Posted by:Jan 17th 2007, 08:53:15 pm
BrilandkidTo our visitors you will not have to fear for you safety this type of violence it has always been among our local population. But as we all know that crime does not pick a time or a place or confined to a set group of people. But no matter where you go in our world today where there is a human being, there is always caution and common sense. Animals act in self defense or survival humans do not. We as civilized people are all hurt when crime occurs no matter how minute. It is up to our law makers to act firmly to deter the cycle of crime and put criminals away.
The brutal attack and murder of Mr. Moss is totally, totally unacceptable and barbaric in a todays society with all due respect to some of the good people of the Bouge Eleuthera It does not surprise me personally that the evil element still exist among you. Back in the early to mid '60's A generation ago as a kid I recall a extremely similar murder in the Quiet town of Briland by Then a resident Aurthur Bain Jr. of Lower Bouge Elethera, attack on a Brilander Oswald Davis despicable act . It was a very similar in nature extremely brutal and vicious act, the murder sparked by then a domestic dispute over a can of colt 45 beer. the killer was sent to prison for life, But then released to the streets 25 years later a totally harmless nut case, Only a shell of what he once was who should have rot and died in prison. He was turn loose on our streets. Our laws of life in prison should be that Life in PRISON no no parole period. I again I appeal to the Good people of Briland to stand up for Truth and Justice Let our Government and these politicians know WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT TOLERATE CRIME AT ANY LEVEL. DO NOT COME SKINNING AND GRINNING IN OUR FACE FOR OUR VOTE IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO ACT!!! With respect to the good honest hard working people of Upper and Lower Bouge Eleuthera WE Brilanders will not except this and those evil elements of you will be dealt with in every legal way possible. This cycle will end here and NOW!!!

Briland despite the hurt and pain is still sweet!!
Posted by:Jan 15th 2007, 07:54:40 am
kristiI so agree Briland's best. It is sad that the violence on Harbour Island has come to this level. You are so right in that - radical punishment - is the only solution at this point and time. We first need to start in the homes. If we "teach" our children basic morals, "love" our children, "respect" our children, "listen" to our children, "watch over" our children, then we can be damn sure that our children will not only love us, respect us, listen to us, watch over us but will also teach their children the same. Hopefully the pattern will continue. Harbour Island needs must come together and help each other in order to get back on the right track. It is much easier if everyone jumps in and gives a hand. The children are our future. Peace and love to you all...
Posted by:Jan 14th 2007, 02:22:29 pm
Posted by:Jan 14th 2007, 02:07:32 pm
briland's bestThe senseless and tragic violence and murder that happen on our peaceful Harbour Island - some days ago - MUST NEVER be allow to happen again without stronger and swifter laws in place! Local and Central Government MUST get on board with ruling ZERO TOLERANCE TO VIOLENCE! We are demanding the top penalty for acts of violence period! If one takes a life than theirs must be taken! We reap what we sow! The Law of the Land MUST be just that! LAW OF THE LAND! There are far more good hearted souls on this earth than evil hearted ones! However, if the good hearts stand by and allow the few evil ones to rule the earth - we will reap what we sow! LAWLESSNESS! There will be no next generation to look forward to at all! We deserve better and demand better!

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