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Bonachella investments incorporated (Romora Bay), The Beach, Comfort, Comprimise and Hospitality
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Posted by:Feb 7th 2007, 02:03:25 pm
NevaehThank you for the information. I really appreciate it.. Also your messages have obviously come from your heart and that is something that should not be apologized over.. I will begin writing some letters and if you come up with anything else i am more than willing to help.. God Bless!!
Posted by:Feb 7th 2007, 12:45:12 pm
speechat the end, is said maybe people could organised a local based campaign i was reffering to the PEOPLE group specifically this is what i meant by people.
Posted by:Feb 7th 2007, 12:15:25 pm
speechi realise i have taken a very angry tone in the initial posting. i think we all understand how upsetting it is to read these kind of things romora bay has turns my blood into lava! however angry words do not make changes they may catalyze them but all of us need to find a common platform of action and discussion. i think something that visitors who love and care for the island can do, is write to the prime minister, telling him
a,why you love the island
b, why projects like romora bay are bad for the island
c urging him not to approve the development in its proposed form, suggesting a scaling back.
in bimini a similar campaign suceeded and the development though still atrocious was scaled back. i will try to post a model letter, and find the relevant adresses.letters could also go to bonachella investments or emails. i think SHIA is doing something along these lines so it would be great if people could support thier effort unfortunatly i do not know how to contact them. maybe people could organise a local based letter writing campaign? no vicious tones in the letters but strong convictions and clear concerns, i think would be most effective!
Posted by:Feb 7th 2007, 02:04:39 am
NevaehAs a frequent visitor to Harbour Island, I have always enjoyed the beauty and non corporate ( for lack of a better word) environment, my heart aches from the current and impending situation... What can I , as an individual who wants to help Briland's people prosper but not harm the integrity of the island itself do to help.. any ideas???? ( sorry for jumping in on a discussion i have just been thinking of these issues for some time)
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 11:30:40 pm
NevaehI am!!!
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 01:06:45 pm
speechSHIA is the 'save harbour island association' i think initially modelled on the save guana cay association SGA, (check out this link for an update on their struggle- ) coalition of visitors residents natives and homeowners, that are concerned about the future of the island, they are working to establish proper environmental and social standards and planning regarding development on the island, speak with Judith and Peter Stanton, Glenroy Aranah, Neville Major,Pip Simmons or Anne sawyer as they have all been involved among others. PEOPLE is a new 'grassroots' sort group that have explianed themselves on this message board, from what i understand it is most concerned about right to have a different oppinion that certain people on the town council, and the injustice arising from the poor infrasturucture, education and health facilities and interested?
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 10:53:46 am
brilandbeautiWhat are the SHIA campaigns?
Posted by:Feb 6th 2007, 09:47:41 am

Ok now I so vexed I feel like a pitbull chewing wasps! No offense intended to anyone who reads this but some things really must be clarified. I don’t know who has seen Romora bay’s obscene website promoting the new condos, [] but here is a little introduction. They claim

‘guests at Romora Bay sit just a five-minute sandal-clad stroll from their own secluded, private pink-sand beach.’

Well lemme tell yinna sumthin HELL FRICKIN NO! for the information of anyone intending to ‘own at’ Romora bay, that 3 mile stretch of paradise, might have pink sand and may times feel secluded, but it is only over my and many other’s rotting corpse’s that it will ever be private! And even then our jumbey sperrits will haunt y’all who think you could own what can’t be owned. Our Beach is NOT for sale lets just make that clear.
Here’s another ‘selling point’

‘the resort offers guests an escape from the cares of reality without giving a single comfort...’

Well it may be, that the future guests of Remora bay’s condos, will not have to give a single comfort, but many of us will pay dearly for their comfort with our own! Our water and electricity, and also our comfort that we used to feel free to roam wherever we pleased on our island and now meet gates and ‘keep out’ signs, we will sacrifice our comfort during the construction phase when hoards of thugs come up to build your dream condos, during valentines we had a murderer…..comforting hey! When massive trucks roar up Colebrook street, spitting dust and cement, and disturbing our cherished ‘comfortable’ quiet.

‘Soon that gift will include Caribbean Colonial villas pouring out onto enclosed patios overlooking a private deep-water marina. There will be no COMPRIMISE at Romora Bay. It will offer everything Harbour Island is, and all that you want it to be.’

Your Caribbean colonial villas wont colonise we, that ended in 1973, the Bahamas has been colonised once by Great Britain and won't be colonised again especially not by the USA. Hmm lets see, the dredging required to make the deep water marina in a shallow sea bed where turtles and starfish graze, in a calm sound, COMPRIMISES the ecosystem that feeds us and that our visitor’s come from so far to see, this nanny from their boats COMPRIMISES our human rights to swim and fish in our harbour without risking sickness. The fact that this resort was approved behind our backs in corrupt circumstances COMPRIMISES OUR HARD EARNED DEMOCRACY, can you hear me Sir Lynden, Sir Milo, Perry, Hubert, if you all cant maybe Nelson can or Dr. king? The environment, our heritage and our rights at risk! yinna could talk all you want bout ‘no compromise’. It seems some of us a compromising a lot.
And the most disgusting part, ‘it will offer everything Harbour Island is and all that you want it to be.’ What ever Harbour Island is or whatever you want it to be, it will always be OUR HOME ,so what about what we want it to be? A safe community with a decent clinic, a good school, a pristine environment, a home where you can raise children and reasonably hope that they might have the opportunity to own something on the island they call home. Lastly to further insult us the ‘Bonachella investments incorporated’ (developers of romora bay) acknowledge us as
‘A people who have opened their arms and their home to generations of visitors looking to leave the world behind and find themselves in the process. Here, hospitality is not an industry. It is a way of life.’
Yes Bonchella, we are a welcoming and hospitable people but we welcome and offer our hospitality to those who would show us due respect, who would not destroy our eco system and bribe our leaders. Who would not divide our community with their poison, leaving us bitter and fighting while they rake in profits? In Short i state with crystal clarity and every ounce of conviction 'You are not welcome' I urge any of you who read this, to perhaps write to Bonachella Inc. and to any members of the Government of the Bahamas directly, expressing your concern! Ask them to build a smaller resort, with no marina! And carry out an independent environmental assessment. And GET INVOLVED with the PEOPLE and SHIA campaigns.

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