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Posted by:Feb 18th 2007, 08:33:17 pm
speechkeep coming keep caring, most of us really appreciate people such as yourself, its what built and sustained our economy for so long. not this mindless buying and selling and flipping houses and bigtime condos!
Posted by:Feb 18th 2007, 07:39:49 pm
MSHillsI hate to get involved here since my last post was dissed by a Brilander I guess. BUT - here's the thing - I've been the happiest ever visitor - 30+ years - (I've always felt accepted and even a part of the community). On the day I die I will tell St, Peter that Harbour Island was the most wonderful place on earth! But for now - it's a complete mess - and I worry that we will not come back. I have always believed (and continue to believe) that the Brilanders know what's best for the Island - BUT recently others have overwhelmed them. I'm sorry sorry sorry. I love MY ISLAND!
Posted by:Feb 18th 2007, 08:44:39 am
speechNah! serious!you said it, tell da ppl where dey is, when dey is and what dey bout and let em come! shoot!
Posted by:Feb 17th 2007, 09:53:30 pm
Richard PEnough already, announce the town meetings and where they are going to be and when we can attend ... when is the next TOWN MEETINGS?

why is all of this being "decided" behind closed doors, anyway?
Posted by:Feb 17th 2007, 12:41:45 pm
KimberlyAs far as I have heard, nothing has been decided one way or the other, and another town meeting is being scheduled for a few weeks from now.

Locals can make their opinions known to Ann Sawyer or other members of the steering committee in advance. But when meetings like this week's are called, and ministers from central government in Nassau are on hand to hear opinions, it makes sense for locals to figure out a way to attend the meetings, if only for an hour at a time because of everyone's busy schedule.

Many members of local government support the initiatives, many of them don't. It's not up to local government to do the citizenry's job for them, though.
Posted by:Feb 16th 2007, 11:12:41 pm
speechmy intention is not to blame the council or SHIA or the planners or anyone. Frankly, to do so is a waste of time, while we sit and talk about 'meetings' and 'absent' and this and that. Romora bay is petitioning people to support the Marina... The huge efforts put into pointing fingers and isolating people who we disagree with, prevents the community from creating a platform for discussion.The town meeting re. the master plan was last night for whatever reason, six or so people attended, given that this plan is endorsed by the government of this country and will be financed by them and an international development bank, regardless our opinions its a big deal, if people dont go and state their views or problems, the plan will be nonsense, a pretty peice of paper, while brilanders will continue to struggle to pay light bills,water bills, mortgages, and youth will continue to pass through a school an overhualed school system, taps will continue to dribble brackish water,and we will all suffer for it. common go back and read my earlier post or the one by oracle. If the local government dont show up to the meetings be it because they wernt told or because they are not interested we have a problem, as they are making decisions on behalf of us, and we have issues we wish to raise to them.the planners mediate between all of us and the central government and must have a wide platform of views and perspectives to truly create an informed plan. Frankly things are being rushed and miscommunicated. i dont know what else to say, except the council and and the planners and SHIA need to figure this out! find a way to meet, in open transparent forums, that are accesible to any concerned citizen of harbour island, before this plan goes through! We'll catch more stink and hell from a Bad plan than no plan at all.
Posted by:Feb 16th 2007, 04:17:46 pm
KimberlyHere's another update, from the environment and energy team sent in from Nassau to coordinate the meeting:

"No it [the Thursday meeting] was not for marina owners only and certainly many others attended. The discussion however was only about marinas, and while I understand as well as anyone that there is a marina issue on HI, the discussion was on the process of permitting, managing and charging for marinas in general and not at least in this instance about any particular marina.

As for what other people were saying I can't say. I do know that we called all local administrators and advised them of the meeting indicating that their councillors may wish to attend."
Posted by:Feb 16th 2007, 03:36:05 pm
KimberlySpeech, I heard differently, though.

Per a concerned local citizen who prefers to remain anonymous, "Seven members of the community were elected to serve on the Steering Committee for the Harbour Island Master Plan Development, and there have been a number of meetings facilitated by Mr. Peter Staton, Ann Sawyer and Jim Straw that they felt was convenient for them to hold."

"The Harbour Island District Council or Local Government Members were advised of these
meetings just this past Wednesday, after preparations were already made."

"Council members believe that this master plan development should be presented to the public as it directly effects them. Please take note that there are several persons, independent of the council, who are continously pushing for the approval from the Prime Minister's Office as their "ass is on the line."

"The Council's membership supports the idea of the town plan and related open discussion, however they believe that because of the magnitude and the impact it will have on the island, it should be presented so that everyone clearly understands the concept."

Hope this helps --
Posted by:Feb 16th 2007, 10:22:59 am
speechclarification! there were two meetings yesterday! one at the church of god, RE. marinas, attended by marina owners from around eleuthera with the health minister, and one town meeting at Barettas re.the master plan this is the meeting that was sparsley attended,notably absent were Local government members who should be facilitating even directing this discussion clearly this meeting process is confusing ppl. to many cooks and they are all in different kitchens!
Posted by:Feb 15th 2007, 08:29:45 pm
speechhats off to the six dedicated and community minded people who have gone. As bad as this may look sound or seem all is not lost, while meetings can be productive and this is a bad signal for the minister.six is better than none and six have families. ppl in my experince dont like meetings because of the confraontation and most would rather quietly express their opinions given how certain members of our community have a knack for shutting people down and intimidating any one who has a differeent oppinion. anyway a dissapointment perhaps but hope is far from lost.
Posted by:Feb 15th 2007, 01:53:23 pm
smittySix people showed up?? PATHETIC! Your situation is hopeless, Briland.I feel for you, Speech.This must break you heart..
Posted by:Feb 15th 2007, 01:10:01 pm
Fig Tree News TeamPlease take time out of your busy schedules NOW to consider the plans for Harbour Island that are being discussed at the all-day meeting at the Church of God on Chapel Street.

Granted, yesterday was pretty rainy ... but c'mon! Only six interested citizens showed up to participate.

If you're not part of the conversation, you really have no room to complain ;-)!

Minister of the Environment Marcus Bethel, Malcolm Martini of the environment ministry, town planner Bruce LaFleur, members of local government and many others are working long and hard to listen to Brilanders' comments, questions and concerns as they work to make sense of Harbour Island's infrastructure issues and plan for the future.

Your voice is needed ... now!

Contact us online at