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SPACE Summer (Sports and Arts For Community Empowerment)
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Posted by:Jun 29th 2007, 01:41:47 am
kristiI wont be coming down until x-mas so if you still need stuff then (maybe for next summer) - let me know.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2007, 07:00:58 pm
Willi was just wondering if people had any old stuff lying around they didn't need that they wanted to bring down or an interest in any of the activities we were organising big deal, but if anyone does lemme know, thanks for the suggestion kristi im not looking for anything major i have a team of volunteers and all you need to make theatre is people so i wouldnt want to test the already limited budget of local government but they might sposer us some stuff or space...i will inquire. meanwhile once again anyone who has room in their suitcases for some stuff old or new let me know on the google account or here on the message board. tap shoes would be really great as i have a tap dance teacher coming. bless
Posted by:Jun 25th 2007, 06:26:32 am
kristiCan't the local government fund and support these activities?
Posted by:Jun 19th 2007, 04:42:00 am
Willof course i can i just need someone to sponser them. and they are cheaper from away, alot. also the paints at chacara are small need like poster paint, im gonna bring some stuff down from canada when i come too.
Posted by:Jun 16th 2007, 12:51:55 pm
Richard PPaint
construction paper
plain paper
fabric paint

Can;t you get some of these items for Chacara or Carlota's? Why doe s someone have to bring these down?
Posted by:Jun 16th 2007, 04:43:58 am
WillHi everyone, well i have only received interest from one person! so am a little disappointed, so just to remind anyone who might be interested in donating some supplies, the things listed below. Thanks again.
Posted by:Jun 1st 2007, 12:55:23 pm
WillHi any one reading this who thinks they might be interested in getting involved or helping please get in touch with me i will open an email account for our program.

next i would like to put ip a wish list that anyone coming down to the island in between now and august can help with if you have room in your suit cases,any of the following would be great.

construction paper
plain paper
fabric paint
Tap dancing shoes old or new!
Plays or thetre books
music scores and lyrics
talented pianists(lol)
soccer balls
wolly balls
or any thing you can think of i will add and take away from this as time progresses
all the best

Posted by:May 28th 2007, 11:41:36 am
Fig Tree News TeamS.P.A.C.E

Sports and performing arts for community empowerment is a summer programme that will run in Harbour Island during the moth of August. Our idea is to try to empower and encourage the young people of Harbour Island through the performing arts and sports. We will focus on theatre, dance, music, sports and arts and crafts to encourage, principles of team work creativity and self esteem. In this programme we will aim to explore Bahamian heritage and other cultures through dance music and drama. We hope at the end of the programme to stage a production showcasing the talents of the youth of Harbour Island which all will be welcome to attend. The programme will run between 2:30 and 6:30 every day except Sunday between august 6th and 27th and will be available to young people between the ages of 5 and 15 depending on availability of time and space. Any interested person from the community who would like to volunteer or sponsor this programme please feel free to come forward. Contact Will Simmons 333-2276,

Planned activities for Summer 2007 include:

Dance classes
We Bahamians are famous for our sense of rhythm and a great way to encourage our young people is to channel this energy into dance routines, that teach discipline, creativity and teamwork and well as encouraging fitness. Tap dancing, Ballet, Jazz & Modern dance Junkanoo and Bahamian dance as well as Reggae dance(clean) will be offered

Music and singing
Can help to build confidence in young people, and let young Harbour Islanderís realise their talents. They also help to pass on heritage and culture. Musical theatre is fun and lively it combines dance music and drama and in the programme we will teach several numbers from popular Broadway shows. As well as looking at jazz gospel and tradition Bahamian music such as ring play calypso and hymnals. We will also give guitar lessons and are hoping to form a band with our more talented teenagers.

Drama classes
Drama and acting are wonderful avenues of self expression that enhance academic abilities such as reading and critical thinking, will providing much fun and entertainment. Drama has the power to educate, entertain and empower.

Soccer/ rugby/volleyball/basket ball
We are hoping to have fun tournaments of soccer beach volley ball, basket ball and rugby,

This is an African tradition brought to Brazil with the slaves from Angola; it is a rhythmic martial art and self defence from that inspired break dancing. It is taught in community centres throughout Brazil to encourage discipline and values of respect and non violence. This is excellent for physical fitness and a lost part of our heritage as descendants of African slaves many of who originated in Angola.

Arts and crafts
We have various arts and crafts lessons we hope to run depending on availability of supplies. These include traditional Bahamian crafts, such as straw work, shell work as well as painting and possibly sewing. Selected educational activities will also be included with trips to the library and the opportunity to learn about local history and ecology,

Community service,
On selected days we will organise young people in the programme to participate in selected community service activities, including street clean up, beautification projects, helping elderly people.

Contact us online at