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Posted by:Jun 27th 2007, 02:36:47 pm
Fig Tree News Team
The Cape Eleuthera Institute promotes a connection between people and the environment.
Our holistic approach to island ecosystems, philosophy of collaboration and relationship
building, and intrinsic bond between primary research and education helps to create
model systems of effective resource management and sustainable development.

CEI offers a unique atmosphere for people of all ages to learn about tropical environments
and sustainable design. Our commitment to connect primary research to education
outreach helps to promote environmental awareness and creates a diverse array of
opportunities for scientists and students alike. For more information, please visit
our Web site. []

Visiting Programs

This spring, CEI has hosted many visitors for a variety of programs. Students ranged
from middle school age through undergraduate and research level scientists. While
most came to run courses or to conduct research, we also had a number of guests
came to CEI for the first time to build new partnerships with our staff and programs,
or to look into the possibility of using our facilities for research or teaching
courses. Dr. Steve Cooke (Carleton University, Ottawa) ran his second undergraduate
and graduate level course here in February on the subject of fish physiology. Dr.
John Valentine (Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Alabama) taught his first undergraduate
focusing on coral reef ecology. Queen's College in Nassau brought a bus load
of middle
school students to CEI to learn about sustainable design and mangrove ecology. Dr.
Gene Rankey (University of Miami, Florida) visited us several times to conduct research
on oceanic currents and wave action associated with the oolitic sand banks near
campus. Dr. Tony Goldberg (University of Illinois) a frequent visitor to the Cape
and sponsor of the Flats Ecology and Conservation Program, collected data on the
effects of catch-and-release angling on bonefish. Dr. Bob Cox (Dartmouth College,
New Hampshire) was tagging Anolis lizards to study survivorship and the mechanisms
that favor one trait over another. Dr. Bob Hueter (Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota,
an advisor for the shark research at CEI, also visited to learn more about our research

First time visitiors Bob Wicklund Jr., Patrick Lahey, and William Neunzig from Deep
Sea Adventures, investigated the possibility of using our facilities to house a
submarine that is capable of diving to 1000 ft. This submarine also has the capability
of collecting samples off the ocean floor using a mechanical arm. We were also visited
by Chris Clarke, Dan Beecham, Paul Menge, Rupert Ormond, and Daniele Ribeiro from
Save Our Seas Foundation, based out of Geneva, Switzerland. This group toured and
filmed our campus and several research field sites. We are currently working on
partnership between CEI and Save Our Seas Foundation that will help expand our future
research capabilities.

CEI Wish List
The Cape Eleuthera Institute is currently seeking in-kind support for a poster plotter,
boats, and desktop computers. Please contact Karla Cosgriff (
or 609.620.6054) for additional information. Thank you!

Research Projects on the Cape

CEI helped facilitate eight research projects at The Island School this past semester.
Our topics spanned the terrestrial and marine habitats on Eleuthera, including:

- Aquaponics

- Archaeology

- Bonefish

- Ethnobotany

- Offshore Aquaculture

- Patch Reefs

- Sharks

- Sponge

- Aquaculture

Spring 2007 Research Symposium
This semester's Island School student research symposium was a great success.
had guests come from as far as Italy and as near as Abaco. From Eleuthera, we were
honored by the presence of Member of Parliament Oswald Ingraham, Senator Johnlee
Ferguson, and Raymond Harrison from the Ministry of Tourism, among others. Dr. Eddie
Widder gave an inspirational keynote address about her work with bioluminescent
in the deep sea. Her presentation was filled with images of light-producing, awe
inspiring creatures and left everyone in the audience ready to take a trip in a
Also part of the weekend was a remembrance for Giusto Pesle, a sponge researcher
who passed away in January. His daughter, Elena Pesle, and Christi Elmore hung a
plaque in his honor after a moving speech by Dr. Andy Danylchuk.

Would You Like to Organize Your Own Visiting Program?

Are you interested in bringing down a school group or other program to CEI? We can
help design a program for students from middle school through graduate levels.
We offer dormitory space for up to 72 students. You can bring your own teachers
we can collaborate with you, utilizing our staff of experienced teachers and researchers.
Please see the Visiting Programs section of our Web site. []

Save The Date!
Next year's student research symposiums are Dec. 1, 2007 and June 7, 2008.
your calendars--we hope to see you!

Thanks for keeping up to date with us. We look forward to hearing from you and
you at the Cape.

The Cape Eleuthera Institute []

Contact us online at