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Harbour Island all age school
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Posted by:Feb 1st 2008, 07:55:25 am
smittyYou'll probably find that math teacher was fed up with trying to control his class.A case of the inmates running the asylum.
Posted by:Jan 31st 2008, 01:45:35 pm
kristiParents "should" in any case be a part of the school system no matter what. Why did the teacher leave is the question? What can be done to make the ambiance more pleasant????
Posted by:Jan 30th 2008, 07:49:24 pm
ash12harbour Island allage gone wild again! principle Mr Michael Culmer has his hands filled with not only students, with some teachers also. it is said that the highschool math teacher walked off the job!!! are we letting are kids be the parents!! or we should step up to the plate an be responsible adults in parenting our kids. is it our kids fault that the teacher decided to call it quit?? us as parents need to work with the teachers to try an better our kids education.
Posted by:Sep 19th 2007, 11:06:50 pm
MaddieVery sad!
Posted by:Sep 19th 2007, 05:29:29 pm
ash12we need a security officer stationed at the harbour Island all age school now,, the senselessness and foolish act of the individual or individuals,,how could person or presons stoop so low to put grafitti all over the freshley painted walls (AGAIN)!!could it be students who cant learn or refuse to learn!! the person or persons must be iliterate to have done something like that at night,,i think we the community need to come together and help to protect the learning institution where OUR children attend and have to learn
Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 06:15:31 pm
MaddieMy hat is off to the new principal. Children thrive with boundries!
Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 05:30:58 pm
ash12the new principle really sound like a no nonsence type person,,if he,s consistant,the school could very well get back on track,,since the days of principle Cleare,,Mr culmer was vice to mr cleare for some 7years so i,m told
Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 05:31:48 am
kristiA kid did the same thing here last year and his punishment was local duty (cleaning village, sweeping etc) AND he had to wash the wall that he ruined when it was time for the parents to pick up the kids from school, therefore he had to do it in front of everyone. He hasn't done a thing of the sort since.
Posted by:Sep 11th 2007, 11:09:00 pm
MaddieI agree with Ash that the punishment should better fit the crime.
A number of years ago we became aquainted with a young man down at the dock who was helping with luggage and when I asked him why he wasn't in school he said that he had been late that morning so the teacher sent him home.
That is no way to teach him to be on time, he should have been kept after school, which would have cut into his dock time rather than being sent home which just gave him more dock time.
This recent incident should have been punished with painting the walls again and having to pay for the paint.
Posted by:Sep 11th 2007, 07:29:55 pm
ash12has anybody been watchin the bahamian news 2night? whats going on in the highschool,s now a day,s,,im glad that we dont have to have policemen stationed at the highschool here (YET),,,on the first day of school a student got caught marking up the freshly painted walls!!! alot of effort has been put in to the school, getting it ready for the new semester,,the student got a two week vacation,,but i think it should be enforced that all students who are caught puting grafiti on walls, should paint it over
Posted by:Aug 31st 2007, 05:42:55 pm
ash12the school opens on monday, so i,am told,,but dont know which, the high or the primary
Posted by:Aug 31st 2007, 11:38:44 am
KimberlyHi, Ash ... any word as to why school hasn't opened yet?
Posted by:Aug 22nd 2007, 10:16:40 pm
ash12hi,news just got to my ears that the school will open its doors a little late in september,,its it any truth to that?? what,s the reason why?

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