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Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 04:15:05 pm
Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 03:15:14 pm
MaddieSorry for the confusion, I will tell Tad and Kate that if and when they have more children not to name them, Winston, Sage or Scott!
Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 09:22:29 am
smittyWhen I fish L.I. sound, salt water, I use a 10 wt.I swung a 10 wt winston and it felt more like an 8 wt.Had to check the lable to be sure. Beautiful rod.I don't buy those top end rods anymore.I've had Scott and Sage and Redington 2 pc rods snap like twigs while casting,not once but several times.I baby all my rods,so there's no abuse there.I buy Cabelas and never have any teouble and save a bundle.Went to a 1 wt for Trout.What a blast.
Posted by:Sep 12th 2007, 07:54:04 am
smittySheeeesh, when you said Winston will hav e to wait a bit, I thought you meant you had another grandchild...Duh
Posted by:Sep 11th 2007, 08:12:33 am
MaddieI bought a Winston rod for brown trout and small mouth fishing on our lakes in Michigan last summer and it casts like a dream!
I almost look like I know what I'm doing...
Try one out if you have a chance!
Posted by:Sep 10th 2007, 04:09:39 pm
smittyWinston? You're springing a new name on me...
Posted by:Sep 10th 2007, 10:45:05 am
MaddieSorry to be missing you again!
I'll keep you posted about Stanley, no more word since my post last week.
Alan has the finest rod Fisher-Price makes, which for an 18 month old is just fine.
Winston will have to wait a bit...
Take care.
Posted by:Sep 10th 2007, 10:32:29 am
smittySo very, very happy all worked out with your mom.It seemed like touch and go for a while there.
I'm priced out for visiting HI.Can't afford it anymore and you know how much I love Bonefishing.Would love to outfish you but It ain't gonna happen unfortunately.Read Stanley is on dialysis, hope that works out.
Get that knee fixed, girl.I just know there's a 10 pounder with your name on it down there.
How's that grandson doing? Get him a fly rod yet?
Posted by:Sep 10th 2007, 08:45:40 am
MaddieMom is great, thanks. She got a clean bill of health from her oncologist last week, so we are making plans for March on Harbour Island.
I am having a total knee replacement in December so I can be back on the flats.
Any chance we'll see you there?
Posted by:Sep 10th 2007, 07:54:38 am
smittyDoggone! I was polishing my wooden leg,tweakin my hearing aid and turnin up my pacemaker,too. Guess she's fussy, huh? How you doin Maddie.How's mom?
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 10:40:34 pm
MaddieWell that sure shut her up Smitty!
I guess and old vodka drinking bone fisherman just isn't her type.
Go figure!
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 01:26:42 pm
smittyIn all fairness, I'm 5ft 2,wooden leg, pacemaker,hearing aid, one eye looks funny and bald with liver spots but I can cook and take out the garbage.Still interested?
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 09:03:27 am
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 08:32:29 am
smittyWill you marry me?
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 05:45:10 am
kristiok last time - yehhhhhhhhhhh
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 05:44:37 am
kristiyyyeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - ok I'll get off of the board now :-)
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 05:43:35 am
kristiBy the way - did I mention that I was happy to come home???
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 05:42:59 am
kristiJust read what I wrote - boy do I sound happy or what????
Posted by:Sep 7th 2007, 05:41:39 am
kristi"Ma ma bake a johnny cake Kristi comin..."
Got my tickets to come home today for the holidays and I CAN'T WAIT. We're rushin' we're rushin' we're rushin' through the town..." I can just taste the chicken in the bag right now - and the ice cups - and the chips - and the conch salad - the conch fritters - and the Kalik to wash it all down.....Can't wait to see Junkanoo!!!

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