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Posted by:Oct 17th 2007, 03:00:42 pm
KimberlyI remember Mr. Fields Higgs and his Abacao sloop sailing in races around Discovery Day back in the 1970, though. Was that a different event? The U.S. Navy guys based in Governors Habrour would come up for the weekend as well.
Posted by:Oct 17th 2007, 01:26:07 pm
JellyfishThe Regatta sign said it was the 18th Annual Regatta. Just thought that might answer some questions about how long Regatta has been going on. Since 1989.
Posted by:Oct 3rd 2007, 09:57:31 am
kristiYou are right Ash in that the bad news circulates before the good. This is too bad and I am glad that you are clearing that up for me. I know that when my parents had the Coral Sands - I honestly don't remember there being a regatta and during the fall months they were closed to fix up the hotel, repaint, etc. These are things that need to be done with the hotel closed to customers. I don't think that this will change jsut because there is the regatta. If it does then all the better but if it doesn't then that's it - the hoteliers are also allowed to relax sometime. I agree with the hoteliers but then again I also agree with you. I think that this is something to just accept. C'est la vie.
Posted by:Oct 3rd 2007, 07:52:05 am
ash12most of the time bad news would spread before the good,,there may be 1 or two incidents yes,,but again spring break is no different,,ragatta time also is for family members to visit for this anual event,,if natives had to rent out they,re rooms in they,re homes? where would family members live?? im sure Royal Palm, tingum village,,Seashell In dosen,t see the ragatta as time of distruction or the Bahamians that come up from nassau an just literally trash they,re rooms,,they must see some profit to want to do business with Domestic tourist at that time of the year,,an all of the native guest houses an most of the winter residents homes are rented, you ask island realstate,,i my self have rented tree homes that are owned by winter residents,,i,ve never had an incident with Bahamians trashing homes,,knock on wood i will do,but alot of money could be maid from bahamians,,but if the hotels are not open! bahamians are out,ve work the maids,bartenders,yard men,waitresses,waiters an also handy men are out,ve work,,so the hotelier,s are actually hurting bahamians by not opening they,re doors during ragatta time
Posted by:Oct 3rd 2007, 02:52:30 am
kristiI have never been to a regatta but I must say that I have never heard anything fantastic about it either. The news about the people from Nassau trashing harbour island and having no respect for the brilanders always stands out more than the positive side if there is one. If there is more money to be spent cleaning up the rooms after regatta than the money being earned during regatta then I agree with the hoteliers. It's just not worth it. Why don't Brilanders rent out rooms in their own homes like a "Bed and Breakfast"?
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2007, 09:52:20 pm
ash12kim, i dont know if you were here when the ragatta committee use to bring in portable bathrooms in for the event,,,an the local government tried to build bathrooms on a vacant peace of property for bahamians or tourist,,,but as usual managers an some hotel owners! had a little imput in that situation along with officials from nassau, but where on briland now do you think local government or central could build some type of infrastructure?,,only if government repocesses crownland to do so,,but again where do you think it could be built,,,the bathrooms at the ballfeild are hardly used by natives,,the bathrooms at the dock would have someone stationed there all,ve the ragatta,,but if there were more rooms available, the hundreds or thousands so thus speak,,we wont be in that predictament,,when you have some managers literally say that the hotel they manage dont need the money when it comes to bahamian,s during a national Event such as ragatta is terrible
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2007, 05:54:20 pm
KimberlyNo offense, Ash, but I grew up with regatta, and it can get pretty nasty, Nassau attitude and bush-wise. Briland just doesn't have the public restrooms to support the thousands who come up for regatta every fall.

Can't we get local government to build out more of a social infrastructure both on Harbour Island and North Eleuthera for this fun annual event, which seems to get bigger and more popular each year? I'm sure that after a few rowdy but clean regattas, local hotels would be more than happy to support the event.
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2007, 05:39:22 pm
ash12thats a usual thing,,it appears that bahamian,s aren,t good enough,,or not as rich enough in the owners an the managers minds! its been said that during ragatta times ,,bahamians are reckless,,the rooms im speaking about,,but aren,t the spring breaker,s reckless also?? something that is known worldwide and is a national event troughout the bahamas, it is poor that our hotels cant an wont accommodate,,domestic tourist during ragatta times!! could the Government somehow revoke licences? hundreds of people are scheduled to visit in a few days but there arent many rooms to rent,,something has to be done!!
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2007, 05:11:37 pm
KimberlyHistorically MOST resort properties on Briland and other Out Islands took a breather in the fall, most often from Labour Day through mid-November. Did these hotels suddenly change their stated policy, and then not honor it?
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2007, 05:00:38 pm
frankn1Not only Valentine's is closed, there are many other major properties that are closed or closing. I wonder is it connected to the annual NERA regatta??? hmmm....
Posted by:Oct 2nd 2007, 12:21:53 pm
KifWhat is the deal.....all of a sudden Valentine's is CLOSED UNTIL 1 DECEMBER????? Open one day, closed the next without notice??????

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