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Briland Regatta Chaps - Goodnews, AntsNest
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Posted by:Oct 16th 2007, 10:21:19 am
sherylCongratulation to the GoodNews On The Win!!!!
Posted by:Oct 15th 2007, 06:47:57 pm
Fig Tree News TeamOct 15/07

By Dahalia Smith, NG Sports Reporter

The National Sailing Association (NSA) captured the A-class championship at the 18th North Eleuthera Regatta that wrapped up yesterday in Harbour Island.

In the end, the NSA A-class sloop, the Goodnews won over six others. Finishing behind the Goodnews was the New Courageous, the Southern Cross was third, the Red Hot Thunderbird was fourth, the Abaco Rage finished fifth, the Anna Nicole was sixth and the Silent Partner did not finish as she broke her boom in the first race.

Meanwhile the Lady Sonia won the B-class, NSA sloop Ants Nest was second, the Eudeva and Cobra were third, the Heathcliffe was fifth, the Barbarian was sixth, the Passion was seventh and the Lady Nathalie did not finish.

According to one of the Goodnews' crew members and the NSA's treasurer, James Wallace, his sloop performed well overall.

He said: "The Goodnews sailed keenly against the Courageous. In the second race we were only beaten by half of a boat's length by them. It was a tactical error on our part. We probably could have beaten them in the first race if we had tacked at least two minutes earlier.

"As for the other two races we won them convincingly. So congratulations to the other runners up and the other sloops that competed. My heart also goes out to the Silent Partner that is vying for one of the top four spots for the Boat Of the Year. I believe that she broke a boom and was unable to finish any of the races," said Wallace.

The defending Harbour Island Regatta champion, the Silent Partner, had a score to settle with the crew of the New Courageous. However as Silent Partner's jib man Gerrard Moxey explained the grudge match was never completed.

"When the race got underway we were leading and were about to go head to head with the New Courageous," said Moxey. "Before we rounded the mark we knew that we had them cut but that is when the boom broke and took us out of the competition.

"It was disappointing because we wanted to put on a good show and defend our championship title. But losing is not as disappointing as not being able to finish the race," noted Moxey.

At the end of this sloop-sailing season the top four sloops, based on accumulated race points in their respective classes, will receive cash prizes at the Bahamar Boat of the Year (BOY) Awards banquet.

The following have been allocated for the BOY cash prizes - $7,000, $5,000, $3,000 and $1,500 will be given to the top four A-class boats respectively; $5,000, $3,000, $1,500 and $1,000 in cash prizes will be given to the top four B-class boats respectively; and $3,000, $2,000, $1,000 and $700 in cash prizes will be given to the top four C-class boats respectively.

The Harbour Island Regatta was not considered a points race because only two out of three classes sailed. Nonetheless it has been confirmed that the top three A-class sloops are the Goodnews, Silent Partner and Red Hot Thunderbird. Meanwhile the top three B-class sloops are Ants Nest, Eudeva and Ansbacher Queen.

The winning BOY boats in the A and B-classes are affiliated with the NSA.

"The NSA is a fairly new body but the boats in the NSA have been around for a while. I am very proud that both of our sloops won the A and B-classes. Overall the NSA has achieved a lot in the past three years and we look forward to another successful year of sailing next season," added Wallace.

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