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Posted by:Oct 22nd 2007, 09:56:29 am
Tuck ShopSafty first Kimberley :)

I was thinking over on the Eluethura side more then the Ocean side. I heard from else where there were good drop line fishing spots around Pidgin and in the north inner sound area.

Posted by:Oct 22nd 2007, 09:19:19 am
KimberlyUm, we snorkel and SCUBA dive the reefs right off of the island, and would appreciate your using a boat guide to take you a little further out just to keep things safe ... if you don't mind!
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2007, 09:08:41 am
Tuck ShopThanks you all,

I understand Maddie, theres an age old tradition of protecting your best spots among fisherpeople. I just have a penny pinching friend coming down this winter and wanted to provide some guidance for them to hit a couple of spots on their own.

How about reef spots for grouper or snapper, anybody wanna share?

Posted by:Oct 22nd 2007, 08:01:24 am
smittyBeen fishing Girls bank for many years with great success.First of the incoming tide,don't be afraid to wade way out, no holes.In my opionion this flat holds the biggest Bones of all the surrounding flats, but they can be picky.Just walk down Bay Ave and right out onto the flat.I always use a 9 weight rod and start with a no. 4 Gotcha fly.Otherwise its rent a boat or guide, but they are expensive.Last I heard,250 for half a day.Good luck.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2007, 11:37:59 pm
MaddieGirls bank is the only place you can walk to from HI, I always fish with a guide and frankly don't want to share our places.
I am all for supporting fellow fisherman, but the territory is so small that it can barely support those of us who support the local guides, let alone DIY fishermen.
I'm not being mean spirited, just protective; hope you understand.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2007, 05:39:24 pm
KimberlyGirls Bank on Harbour Island at low tide is always popular for flycasting the occasional bonefish ... Smitty? Maddie? Randall?
Posted by:Oct 21st 2007, 04:09:44 pm
Tuck Shop
Does anybody know of any DIY spots for either Bone or Reef fishing. It can be on Harbour Island or in North Eleuthera and accessible by either boat or from the shore.



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