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Posted by:Jan 17th 2008, 03:32:31 pm
smittyYes, Kristi, sadly, I used to be terrific, but, alas, now I'm only good..
Posted by:Jan 15th 2008, 08:10:07 pm
MSHillsSmitty my man - Not only was your message insulting to me but also to every person in the USA who has the right to vote - regardless of how much they "know." As it happens I know a great deal about Hillary's positions on the issues. Also as it happens I am proud of her running as a woman and I think it would be a very good idea for the US to elect a woman - now or later - you men have not done such a great job lately. Anyhow - this is the wrong forum for this. Enjoy every single day on Briland - I do!
Posted by:Jan 15th 2008, 01:27:01 pm
Sue R.Bill Richardson would have made an excellent President. In many ways, he was the most qualified. I'm sorry too that he's bowed out.
Posted by:Jan 12th 2008, 07:43:36 am
kristioh Smitty - you are tooooo good!!!!
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 01:17:26 pm
smittyMSHILLS Clinton will get the nomination not only because there is no real competition but more importantly because of her sex.Every pathetic female who has never even registered and doesn't even no how to use a voting machine will turn out and put her in the White House.Do you think for a moment they'll miss an oppurtunity to elect one of there Own? Please tell me by the way what is her platform?Apparently you too were taken in by her pathetic crying act in NH, huh? Yours respectful..
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 01:09:48 pm
ColinBest pun I've heard in Washington about all this -- HIllary is an Obamanation....
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 09:10:14 am
MaddieWe can always count on Smitty to raise the fun factor on to a new level!!!
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 08:58:15 am
KimberlyKimberly's a bit bummed at the news that Bill Richardson has closed his presidential run ... thanks, Smitty!
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 08:33:54 am
MaddieOne of the great things about being a US citizen is that we all have the right to voice our opinions!
How would you like to live in a country like North Korea where we couldn't have an open dialogue like this?
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 08:29:36 am
MSHillsHillary bashing is pathetic!
Posted by:Jan 11th 2008, 08:26:17 am
MaddieAh yes and now we are supposed to vote for the charming and brilliant woman who stood by his side while he violated their wedding vows!
I can't wait to see how much she would honor the oath of office!
Posted by:Jan 10th 2008, 03:42:34 pm
smittyAh yes, the guy who doesn't know the definition of sexual relations.(or of stupidity)Wasn't he the little beauty that said "Yes I smoked marijuana but I didn't inhale" Yes, he definately belongs in the White House..
Posted by:Jan 10th 2008, 03:38:13 pm
MSHillsI hope i get the chance to vote for Hillary!!!!!!!
Posted by:Jan 10th 2008, 03:27:10 pm
kristiI'd vote for anyone other than Hilary (I must say that I'd have her husband back as president though)
Posted by:Jan 10th 2008, 03:19:23 pm
smittyThings are a bit flat on the board lately.Who agrees with me that Kimberly should be running for president instead of Hilary??

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