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Will Briland Follow Bimini Into Oblivion? (Bahama Pundit)
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Posted by:Mar 1st 2008, 02:18:11 pm
Fig Tree News TeamA Letter From Bimini

•This letter has been sent to a wide list of people, including the prime minister and deputy prime minister.

by Marty Weech

People from Bimini, and around the world, have been calling for the preservation of this beautiful island for years.

Back in 2000, we were told that our precious home was designated as the highest-priority site in the Bahamas for a Marine Protected Area, yet here we are in 2008 with no MPA. Bimini's MPA is widely supported, locally and internationally, and its implementation is a key factor to the economic and ecological future of the island, long-hailed as the Big Game Fishing Capital of the World.

Just a few days ago, a news report suggested that the government is holding off on designating Bimini's MPA because of a perceived apathy from Bimini, rather than recognizing that for us here, this issue should have already been settled years ago. I am never one to take a defeatist's attitude but I can see why there appears to be a sense of apathy amongst the people of Bimini.

There have been inquiries, investigations, committees, surveys, studies and promises for years in regards to the current development on North Bimini and their wanton destruction and impact on the environment and ecology. We have talked to administrators, MP's, lawyers, church leaders, heads of state, scientists, and environmental groups. We have had meetings, forums, educational fairs, flyers, and petitions voicing our desire to have the project stopped and preservation of the wetlands implemented. And through all of this, do you know what the general belief of Biminites is...?

We feel that it doesn't matter what we do because the government leaders do not have our best interests at heart, only profit - personal or otherwise. Our desire to preserve the natural heritage of Bimini for the future of Bimini, the very thing that brings people like the Bimini Bay developers to our islands, is for sale to the highest bidder.

In the end our fate is not in our own hands but in the hands of a small few who know nothing of daily life in Bimini and the tragic effects that this development, even in just its beginning stage, has had on the economy and ecology of the island.

Most people feel this way and have adopted the attitude toward our leadership of "they're going to do what they want to do no matter what we say, so why waste your breath". I know it's unfortunate, but it's a product of being let down by the same people for so long.

So when the government says that the people of Bimini have not shown that they want a Marine Reserve or National Park, it's not true, we do. The people of Bimini have been ignored for too long, and for many their hopes for a better tomorrow have waned. I say shame on the leaders of our nation if they plan to use the plight of a weary community as their excuse to do the wrong thing.

Establishing Bimini's MPA and preserving what's left of Bimini will ensure that Biminites, tourists, and even foreign developers can enjoy this island jewel for future generations.
Posted by:Feb 29th 2008, 06:34:17 pm
Fig Tree News TeamTo make your opinion known, there are several ways how you can become involved. You can write your own letter to PM:

The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham - Prime Minister
The Office of the Prime Minister
Cecil Wallace - Whitfield Centre
Cable Beach
P.O. Box CB-10980
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Please, remind him that he agreed with the proposal of Marine Protected Area for Harbour Island in 2002. Point out the importance and environmental value of marine ecosystems (mangrove wetlands) in the Bahamas.

At the same time, forward your letter to the primary Bahamian media outlets:

The Freeport news:,,

The Nassau Guardian:,,,

The Bahama Journal:,

The Bahama Post:,

The Tribune:,

The Punch:,

You can also create your own petition here: and create your own.

Posted by:Feb 27th 2008, 08:36:32 am
Fig Tree News TeamWill Briland Follow Bimini Into Oblivion?

by Larry Smith

Someone once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If that’s so, then trying to replicate failed "anchor projects" throughout our islands would seem to make us certifiably insane.

Your comments pro and con appreciated.

Contact us online at