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Bilge and Sewer emptied in Harbor
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Posted by:Apr 4th 2008, 04:52:12 pm
KimberlyTo be fair, while the commercial marinas certainly don't help the situation by being so late in offering pumpout solutions (if any) at their locations ... many local businesses have been grandfathered in as well. Some have had to clean up their act as it were :-), and others have been allowed to flush into the harbour with impunity for years. The Health Department in Nassau has done its best to provide supervision, but local government simply isn't equipped to monitor the situation more closely.
Posted by:Apr 3rd 2008, 09:56:43 pm
BrilandkidWhoa! John you should not be amazed or shocked. I predicted it years ago, when the greedy lawmaker took bribes and allowed Valentines to expand and bring more traffic to the area. Greed is an ugly monster. Locals must start reporting these violators if they care about our Island and their children future. To Valentines I will profusely work to have the authorities to fine you for each yacht that dumps from your Mariner. You must govern yourself and your yachters or we will most certainly do it for you. To the yachters you are our guest we expect that you respect our home, as you would have us respect yours if we were your guests. Stop dumping in our Harbour!!!
I have just forward a letter to our Minister of internal affairs requesting full investigation. I have also requested that laws be put in place and enforced to act against those of you that insist that the Bahamas is your dumping ground and public toilet. You must respect us and our other law-abiding guest who come along way just to share our country and appreciate its beauty. I am taking this matter very personal.
Let me add not all yachters are animals most of you are beautiful people a small few are giving you a bad wrap, we need your assistance too help keep this environment clean. There are very few places in the world today that man has not spoiled letís try to keep this beauty The Bahamas, what little is left unspoiled.

Thank you
Briland kid
Posted by:Apr 3rd 2008, 09:16:03 am
JohnI am amazed and after reading your note talked to a boater at Valentine's who indicated this happens often after midnight in the bay. Also, the amount of water the boats use is tremendous to fill their tanks, and to clean the boats. Concerns me to the point to question why do we want more marina's.
Posted by:Apr 2nd 2008, 07:54:36 am
BrilandkidIt is been reported that some of the yachtsmens have been anchored off the coast of Mann and Jachob Island area near Briland have been empting their Bilge and Sewer near those Islands. I wish to say and ask them to please refrain from this practice. The law clearly states 5 miles off shore and no garbage dumping. AS for the future if yacht is seen dumping sewer, garbage or oil bilge into our Harbor you will be tag and reported to the authorities and action will be taken against you. It is not sportsmen and not to mention disrespectful and selfish toward other boaters and our Islands. This our home, would you want us to take a dump in your backyard?? Thank you. We will be watching closely. Letís keep Briland sweet not stink.

Brilandkid still sweet in spite of.

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