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My Spanish Wells - Eddie Minnis
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Posted by:May 15th 2008, 04:12:13 am
kristi"But we know for sure he lived until he died." - now isn't that interesting - he lived until he died - how unique !
Posted by:May 14th 2008, 01:21:19 am
Fig Tree News TeamThe song
Spanish Wells
Words and music by E. Minnis © 1991 Marvin Pinder as recorded by Eddie Minnis on the "Tropical Wave" CD

Verse 1:

Peace loving Arawaks
Once lived in this land,
Wiped out by Columbus hand.
Half mile off North Eleuthera,
Protected from ocean swells,
Pirateers from Spain called it Spanish Wells.

Verse 2:

Adventurers from Bermuda
Came to Freedom Land,
William Sayle was leader of that clan.
Shipwrecked, they lived in Preacher's Cave
Eatin' honey with bush tea,
Eventually they moved to St. George's Cay.

Spanish Wells,
Sparkles like a jewel in the sun
Just two miles long
By half mile wide,
But each square inch is filled with pride,
That's why all is well in Spanish Wells.

Verse 3:
Ponce de León tired of searchin'
For a way to stay young
Put Spanish Wells water on his tongue.
It did not move his grey hairs
Or restore his wounded pride,
But we know for sure he lived until he died.

Verse 4:

Their farmers and their fishermen

Are second to none;

Hard work to them is so much fun.

Best fruits they get from their land,

Grouper and crawfish from the sea

Have led them to their great prosperity.

Repeat Chorus


They like crabbin', like bird eggin',

Like pigeon shootin' too.

They like scarlet, hog plum, coco plum,

Pigeon plum and ju ju.

They like beach combin', moon light crusin'

And just plain having fun,

But when all is said an' done

They try to live as one.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5:

Scooters, cars and motorboats

That's how they get around,

Or they just put their feet to the ground.

Each house is freshly painted,

Yards as pretty as can be

Is something for all the world to see.

Repeat Chorus

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