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SPACE Summer (Sports and Arts For Community Empowerment) - Summer 2008
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Posted by:Jul 14th 2008, 06:36:53 am
speechAbsolutly...i have sent requests out to youth groups in Nassau but had nothing back if you know any people who would do it please forward me to them, or some one who might know someone... i am all about Bahamian role models, especially black male role models...however it has been difficult to find people who are available, we have a lot of Harbour Islanders involved, from Uncle Sam to Miss Eva, several high school students and some of the youger men, people are scheduled to do workshops with the kids...BUT this is an urgent situation my Music teacher cancelled last minute and i need the first person who is free and can play guitar and piano, whether they are from vietnam, jamaica, spain or tarpum bay it doesnt matter i just need someone...
Posted by:Jul 13th 2008, 07:37:50 pm
KimberlyWell, if you're offering accommodations and one meal a day, how about reaching out to the Eleuthera or Nassau musical community as well? Nothing like building Bahamian role models for our youth whenever possible.
Posted by:Jul 13th 2008, 06:32:55 pm
speechyes kim good point... but they are not free for 5 hours a day 6 days a week...
I need someone to accompany classes on a daily basis... local voluteers have been invited to give workshops on the days that they are free and will hopefully help the kids out for their final performance...
Posted by:Jul 13th 2008, 06:17:41 pm
KimberlyDon't we have several good guitar and piano players on the island, just in case?
Posted by:Jul 13th 2008, 05:09:48 pm
speechHi There All! this is an urgent call to anyone who might be interested or knows someone who might be interested in teaching the music class for the Space to create Program...We had a cancellation and need someone to fill in. You have to be a capable guitar and piano player...good with kids and free from the 1st to 24th of August, Accomodation and 1 meal a day are arranged, with possible assistance with flights if necessary...that is once again, to anyone who is or might know somebody who would be interested. It is an exciting oppurtunity to get involved in the community and valuable experience for anyone hoping to persue teaching , youth, or community development work.

please email

Posted by:Jun 18th 2008, 12:35:16 pm
KimberlyHEY, you guys ;-)! I thought you were all interested in more youth-focused programs ... any feedback, support for Will Simmons as he pursues the second season of his popular summer workshop?
Posted by:Jun 16th 2008, 02:31:29 pm
Fig Tree News TeamIf you please read the attached PDF brochure carefully or visit our web blog you will see SPACE is a non-profit summer camp specifically designed to benefit the youth of Harbour Island and uplift the community. We started last summer and received a warm response from the community fulfilling the important role of engaging Harbour Island youth during the summer. We would greatly value any assistance you could offer in making it possible to run the program this year; no matter how small or large, in cash or in kind, any contribution is valued. We Need equipment for Sports, Music, dance, drama, academic learning and arts and Crafts as detailed below.

Also we have recruited 5 - 7 experienced community workers, one a musician/poet, one a teacher, the others experienced youth workers, to come and help run the program, four of them will be coming from inner city New York and the other from Nassau. However we need to house them from the 1st to 25th of August (some will be here for a shorter period of time 1 - 2 weeks), the accommodations at my home and Ocean view are already taken up as I have a Musical theatre practitioner, a Music teacher and 2 Art Students also coming to help. Anyone who could help us house these highly motivated volunteers with so much to offer the community, would be doing a great service to Harbour Island.

We have a limited budget that can be used to rent a house cottage or apartments but if possible any arrangement to reduce the cost would allow us to spend more on getting decent materials. Other wise if you will be on the island and have a spare room in your house where a volunteer could stay that would be a good arrangement as well. Any home-owner or business person who has a golf-cart that they would not be needing at that time, it would be of great use to us, for transporting food and project materials and volunteers to the various places they need to go. Below is a list of various other things that we need.


a relatively loud and easily transportable stereo system,
an electronic keyboard,
Art Supplies, photocopying of worksheets, costumes for our skits and dances
Reading Books ages 6 13,
general education materials such as English and Math workbooks
Materials related to the history and environment of the Bahamas.
soccer and basket balls,

Paint, Trees and Plants, Garbage Bags, gloves,
fruit bags and clothes and meals for the elderly and disabled

Last years camp was a great success but in order to reach more children and improve our program your assistance is needed. One again we are grateful for any contribution in cash or in kind and look forward to hearing from you. So if you are passionate about the community get in touch and get involved

Gratefully yours

William Simmons and Hannelle Van Wyk

Co-directors SPACE summer Camp.

Harbour Island contact
1-242-333 2276

Contact us online at