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U.S. School Seeks Exchange With Briland, Eleuthera Schools
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Posted by:Jun 28th 2008, 12:07:06 am
kitchiBy bad.
i guess I kinda jumped the gun. I saw "U.S. School Seeks Exchange With Briland" And was thinking they meant student exchange.
Posted by:Jun 26th 2008, 07:31:18 am
Briland_Ambitionwhat do you mean kitchi ?
Posted by:Jun 25th 2008, 12:59:19 pm
kitchiThey don't know what they're getting themselves into.
Posted by:Jun 22nd 2008, 08:36:26 pm
Fig Tree News TeamHello,this is Neimah R.Moyer. I am an Educator/Teacher representing our G.A.T.E/Magnet School Site Program for students ages 9-11.

We have an International Islands Study Curriculum and would like to have extensive visual teaching materials from Briland/Eleuthera sent to us hopefully to be received no later than August 2nd. I want them as visual as possible from 2000-2007 ending in January 2008. We also need Festivals of Briland/Eleuthera 2000-2007
sent to us as this is another part of our 2008/2009 Curriculum.

Could you also send us Wildlife Studies, Oceanographical Studies included in the same box? Looking forward hearing back from you,students will be thrilled to receive anything from this time frame including the following:

1.29-49 Activity Books/Coloring Books(for an Educator requesting it for her 5-9 year old students)
2 29-59 Bookmarks with logos
3 29-59 PENS and PENCILS with logos
4 29-59 Collectible Pins with logos
6 DVD's and VHS Cassettes
7 Posters,Postcards,magnets with logos,Rulers with logos(we are in dire need of these),visual teaching materials,
would it be possible to send a Briland/Eleuthera T-Shirt size M/L from 2000-2007 if you could find one? I would love
to have it
8 Students Guide to Briland/Eleuthera

Neimah R.Moyer
Educator/Teacher for G.A.T.E/Magnet School Site Program
North County San Diego
3467 Corvallis St.
Carlsbad,CA 92010 USA

Contact us online at