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Happy Independence, Bahamians At Home And Abroad!
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Posted by:Jul 5th 2008, 01:17:55 pm
KimberlyThe Ministry of Tourism office in Paris should have a list of Bahamians living in France ... that's how we started the Los Angeles tradition.
Posted by:Jul 5th 2008, 06:01:09 am
kristiAny Bahamians living in France? That would be fun to start the same tradition here.
Posted by:Jul 4th 2008, 12:57:05 am
KimberlyYou were THERE? That is so cool ... by any odd chance, can you scan the photo finish and e-mail it to We can post it here at the site, in all of its belated glory!

Happy July 4th USA ... and happy July 10th Bahamas! 35 YEARS feels just like yesterday ;-). "Lift up your head to the rising sun Bahamaland/March on to glory your bright banners waving high!"
Posted by:Jul 3rd 2008, 10:55:41 pm
ColinOne of the most exciting moments in my life was when I saw the Bahamian ladies excel at the Sydney Olympics. I was sitting only about 150 feet from the finish line when the Bahamian colors came flashing across the line.

No one cheered louder! I felt a bit as if one of my friends had won. I have a GREAT picture of the win. If we come next year to Briland I will bring a copy.
Posted by:Jul 3rd 2008, 02:08:43 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGreat Bahamian pride alive and well
Thursday, 03 July 2008 09:58

Bahamian pride is something that is intangible but oh so powerful. We recall watching the Golden Girls (Debbie Ferguson, Chandra Sturrup, Sevatheda Fynes, Pauline Davis-Thompson, and Eldece Clark-Lewis) at the 2000 Olympics from Sydney in the wee hours of the morning as Ferguson, Sturrup, Fynes, and Davis-Thompson took the top spot in the 4x100 meter relay. It was 'just' a track and field event. And it brought us to tears.

We still love it when, at a public event, the national anthem is sung and not just played. There is something stirring, unifying and encouraging about singing your national anthem out loud with a crowd of people who actually sound like they believe what they are singing.

As we face our 35th national birthday we anticipate independence celebrations in all major cities and settlements around the country. Food, music, the water and good times are the essential elements of a true-true Bahamian party!

But, of course, Bahamians aren’t just in the Bahamas! We received a note from a friend living in Los Angeles about the annual Bahamas independence celebration they have planned there.

Kimberly King-Burns of Harbour Island, and operator of and, and Lesley Peters, formerly of Freeport, help to organise the day of festivities and good ol’ island fun, even if it is more than 2,400 miles away from our fair isles!

Kimberly told us that ex-pat Bahamians from all over Southern California will descend on Griffith Park (next to The Greek Theatre, just north of the Roosevelt golf course, if you are in the area!) on Saturday, July 12 to celebrate Bahamas independence with a potluck picnic. She says there will be plenty of souse, crab and dough, sky juice, peas and rice, macaroni and cheese, Bahama Mamas, conch fritters, board games, jamming musicians and plenty of island chat!

“I smuggle in the Briland-style Bahama Mamas, courtesy of Big Red's (Coral Sands) secret recipe,” Kimberly said. “Folks for miles around bring their drums and sticks for a pretty cool jam session, and we of course decorate a tree in the park with an oversized Bahamian flag so that we can as a group sing the national anthem to our hearts' content -- and often the neighbours' dismay!”

The event has garnered a lot of attention over the years, with honoured guests including Martha Deveaux of Long Island (mother of Paul Farquharson), Sir Sidney Poitier, Paula Lauren Gibson of Rock Sound and the Los Angeles State Attorney General's office, Charlene Smith of Nassau and Touchstone Television, Marilyn Beaubien of Nassau and Gen8 Entertainment, Dr. Adrian Lunn of the Berry Islands and UCLA's Oncology Research Department, and Myles Pritchard of Nassau, Rotary Club and Merrill Lynch fame.

We found it heartening to hear of the celebrations planned for Bahamians living abroad and have heard similar stories from students studying and others working in foreign countries.

Are you living ‘away’ and planning to get together with fellow Bahamians to party, eat and remember the island life? We’d love to hear about it! Send us your independence party photos showing your Bahamian colours, flags and fun along with a brief description of who’s who and what you did. E-mail them to and we’ll feature them on!

Have a grand week!

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