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Posted by:Aug 14th 2008, 02:21:19 pm
MaddieGood point Hobiecat!

BEC better get the problem fixed by Thanksgiving of 2008, when the tourist season begins; if they try to limp thru the 2008-2009 winter/spring season with sporadic service they will lose a bunch of tourists permanently!

Then it won't matter when they fix things as the tourists and their money will be lost forever!
Posted by:Aug 14th 2008, 01:25:48 pm
hobiecatIn light of the power problems and recent hotel/resort closures, does this mean the resorts are rethinking their condo construction plans? If not, how are development planners taking the new power demands into account, and what solutions are being proposed?
Posted by:Aug 13th 2008, 06:52:37 pm
BrilandkidTo Briland elected committee members. Is there anything that I can do to ensure our business community that there is a solution. I am in contact with the Bahamas Government regarding this dilemma. I am willing to try to help us find an immediate solution. This will depend on our government how fast and how committed they are to resolve this crisis. I sympathize with the businesses that have and are suffering losses due to the neglect of our home town electrical supply. Has a matter of fact I will be in contact with them tomorrow. I am willing to at the earliest possible chance travel to Nassau to further confront them.
Please committee chairperson Email me and I will coordinate my efforts with yours the hoteliers and concern citizens. That They (Government) must take Briland serious or loose an important percentage of their tax revenue should these facilities and business close their doors. We must act now without delay. I await your response.
Posted by:Aug 13th 2008, 11:49:49 am
Fig Tree News TeamResort Closures
Posted by islandboi, 12 August 2008 (

Local government representatives on Harbour Island fear that if power shortages on the island persist, major resorts there will soon be forced to close their doors.

Guests at Harbour Islands Pink Sand and Coral Sands Resort were outraged after experiencing once again long power outages. Described by residents as deplorable services from the BEC plant on the island, both guests and residents were left without electricity for hours last Thursday.

Local government representative Patrick Barry told The Tribune that on Thursday, the entire island experienced a power outage starting from around 4pm. After it was restored around 10 that evening, the power went back off about 4am and up until 10.45 Friday morning it was still off.

Barry said what made this latest power outage most damaging was the fact that for the Coral Sands and Pink Sands resorts, their backup generator was unfortunately burned up. With both resorts also at 100 per cent occupancy, Barry fears this recent power failure will cause high occupancy to become a thing of the past on the island.

To make matters worse, Barry says owners of both resorts are now threatening to close their businesses if nothing is done to fix this ever vexing concern.

Management at the Coral Sands said that with their generator having to be used continuously for three weeks, it eventually caught fire and is no longer in use.

During the outage guests were also subject to brown water bathes due to the hotel having to use water from fire hydrants. Management says, "If we don't have utilities there is no way we can stay open." They say that as a result of the power surges, the company has lost nearly $20,000 through diesel purchases and compensation costs to guests.

"We need help now, not yesterday," said Barry who feels helpless when faced with the many cries of local businesses and residents.

Martin Grant, owner of Grants Liquor Store on the island said, "I haven't sold a cold beer in three days." He said that in a world where everything is constantly increasing in cost, including the light bill, "Brilanders should not have to be concerned about whether today we are going to be able to flush our toilets."

In April, the then Minister of State for Utilities now Environment, Phenton Neymour, assured residents thatĚ government would soon be building a power plant in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, to assist in Harbour Island's power demands.

Minister Neymour said, during an interview on Monday, "We are progressing with the plans of the new plant in North Eleuthera, in addition, the plant is due for completion by the end of 2009. In addition to that we are doing some upgrades to the transmission lines in North Eleuthera and are installing a submarine cable to Harbour Island."

He added that although there will be challenges with BEC in Harbour Island, the three generators there are functioning.

Though construction has not started for the new plant, Minister Neymour said his ministry is doing all that it can to correct this continuing concern facing Harbour Island residents.

For residents who may have experienced damage to appliances or supplies, he said there is a policy in place to invest in damaged appliances. He, however, noted that residents who may have lost power for however long would not be compensated.

When asked about the latest power outages on the island, Minister Neymour said even though the event was unfortunate, residents on the island would agree with him in saying that power supply on the island has improved since the installation of the last two generators at the BEC plant on the island.

However, residents say power supply on the island is worse than ever.
Posted by:Jul 18th 2008, 08:09:39 am
MaddieIf you would like to add an email to his collection to be passed on to the powers that be here is his email address:

The more mail they get the better!
Posted by:Jul 17th 2008, 11:37:21 pm
MaddieI did get a reply from Darrel Johnson just this afternoon stating that they will be requesting a meeting with the new govt. mins.
for b.e.c and he will also pass on my email letter. He says there are plans to address the power outages but they do not go in effect until 2009/2010.
Posted by:Jul 17th 2008, 11:47:00 am
AmelieWhy has not a SINGLE solitary member of the local government council stepped in to say something, anything about ANY plans whatsoever they may have for the island and future? Disappointing, all of these people reading and the council could not care less. SMT.
Posted by:Jul 17th 2008, 09:36:11 am
KimberlyTo be fair, poor local planning, central government meddling and overdevelopment of the basic Briland infrastructure is as much at fault as BEC's track record of energy management.

It's a complex problem that many communities are facing around the world, and harshly impacts economic backbone programs of farming, tourism, banking and agriculture right here in our backyard.
Posted by:Jul 17th 2008, 08:35:09 am
MaddieThese two regional sustainable energy events are very noble efforts and in a perfect world would be applauded; BUT when the Bahamanian government can't even get traditional energy to Harbour Island how do you think they will ever be able to accomplish something like this!

Of course since there won't be any tourists left there will be less need for electricity and maybe they will be able to pull off something on such a reduced scale.

Sorry to be such a pessimist, but the track record on this subject is very poor!
Posted by:Jul 17th 2008, 08:23:11 am
Fig Tree News TeamAs you know, energy costs are rising at an unprecedented rate. Many Bahamian businesses are at a loss of what to do to combat this ever-increasing expense.

It is clearly evident that the business community will need to agitate for the Government of the Bahamas to begin to offer businesses in this country that generate electricity from alternative and cheaper energy sources. In addition, individuals and businesses, who cannot afford to wait for the Government to provide a solution to their ever increasing energy costs, will need to gather information to determine what course of action they must take now to offset these costs. For too long we have all been reactive. Now, it is imperative that we become proactive!

Therefore, against this background, two regional sustainable energy events will take place on July 23 and 24, 2008 at the Sheraton Cable Beach Resort in Nassau, the Bahamas. First, the OAS and the Government of the United States will convene the Caribbean Regional Sustainable Energy High Level Seminar on July 23, 2008. The registration forms and Agenda, regarding that day, are attached. On the following day, July 24, 2008, a Seminar entitled Opportunities for Renewable Energy in the Caribbean, sponsored by the Government of the United States will be convened. The registration forms and Agenda, regarding that day, can be found at

The synergy of these two events provides the possibility of gathering the main energy and agro-energy stakeholders of the Caribbean for a regional effort to facilitate the expansion of sustainable energy development throughout the Caribbean.

Please do try to attend since a powerful group of individuals will gather in Nassau to discuss what to do about combating ever increasing energy costs. For example, the Governor of Hawaii will attend to speak about what his island state has done to reduce energy consumption there - a case study for The Bahamas!

Kind regards
Dionisio D'Aguilar
Bahamas Chamber of Commerce
Cell: 376-9274
Posted by:Jul 15th 2008, 07:56:32 am
smittyWell said Maddie.We were considering vacationing on HI this fall, but in lieu of what I've been reading about the power problem, decided not to. That's about 5 to 6 K we normally put into HI's economy that won't happen.Think about it council members.
Posted by:Jul 11th 2008, 08:47:51 am
MaddieCongratulations on your newly elected positions on the Harbour Island District Council! There is a lot of work to be done and I wish you great success.

I have been coming to Harbour Island since 1956 so I have seen it grow and develop first hand. Most of the growth has been good but over the last 15 years I think things have gotten out of control. The development has come too fast and the infrastructure has not been able to keep up.

In the old days at Pink Sands we were used to power outages and weak water supplies; but now travelers have come to expect the same services that we have at home and we are not getting them.

I have rented houses all over the Island since we left Pink Sands after Hurricane Andrew and this last March was the worst! Power outages and therefor water outages for hours on end. My 88 year old mother travels with us and it was really tough on her this spring.

Now I hear from Dick Malcolm - we also rent a house from him - that he has shut down all his rental houses until at least November because he can't count on the electricity and he has had several renters walk out over the last month because of the power outages.

I will admit that I don't know much about electricity and I certainly don't know what the Island needs to have this problem solved - I just know that it needs to be solved.

As you well know, Harbour Island relies on it's tourist business to survive and if the tourists stop coming because of issues like this, your people are going to lose their main source of income.

You owe it to the people who elected you and to the tourists who bring money to your Island to fix the electric problems.

Thank you for your efforts,


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